Calm Down, Justin Bieber Is The Perfect Robin

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber posted a selfie to Instagram showing him holding what looks like the script to Batman Vs. Superman with the caption “#robin??” which naturally made the Internet go horse-fucking bananas because this whole thing’s a compost heap of porn and comic books when it comes right down to it. (That’s how you lure in the cats for the photo takin’.) Fortunately for those people the whole thing turned out to be a Funny or Die prop except I was actually on board with this because the movie’s supposed to be inspired by The Dark Knight Returns, and you know who the Robin was in The Dark Knight Returns? Carrie Kelley. A girl:

Girl Robin Carrie Kelley The Dark Knight Returns

They even have the same hair! But apparently that only counts for Lex Luthor which is sexist as fuck. I said it.

Photos: Instagram, Raef-Ramirez/AKM-GSI