Justin Bieber Allegedly Knocked Up Two Women (Not Counting Selena Gomez)

Before I even get into this story, remember back in 2011 when I used to constantly make jokes about Selena Gomez being pregnant at almost Reese Witherspoon-ian levels? Turns out that they may not have been entirely inaccurate because Justin Bieber is a fertile sonofabitch. Just ask his two bastards that are allegedly out there wondering why they keep turning water into maple syrup. Via Radar:

A new report claims the troubled pop star has gotten at least two women pregnant — aside from reports of impregnating on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez three years ago and losing it to a miscarriage — in the last four years, both of which were strategically covered up by his team.
“It’s horrible,” a source told In Touch of the pregnancies and Team Bieber‘s effort to cover them up to protect his $150 million net worth image.
Another insider told the magazine the two pregnancies were “dealt with” after their legitimacy was investigated and then the women are “taken care of financially” but cut off from Bieber, 20, forever.

So has anyone seen Mariah Yeater lately? Because she’s either dead now or has her own island. Or changed her whole appearance… HO. LEE. SHIT.