Justin Bieber Won’t Stop Going To The Playboy Mansion

December 20th, 2011 // 56 Comments

Somehow I missed that Justin Bieber‘s dad took him to the Playboy Mansion for his 17th birthday which is surprisingly awesome for a dad who also made him get a Jesus tattoo. At any rate, apparently Justin just shows up all the time because his life is the plot of Porky’s now. (Nobody got that, did they? Fuck, I’m old.) Via Hollywood Life:

“Justin is obsessed with the Playboy Mansion,” a source told MSN. “He actually has permission to show up whenever he wants. He’s invited to every party and he even visits just to hang with Hef.”

Oh, good. Because you know who won’t immediately slap you with a paternity suit so they never have to work again? Fake blonde plastic bimbos who fondle old man balls so they never have to work again. They probably just live there because it’s so close to the library.

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  1. Joe Blow

    “Don’t make me go all Maple Leaf on ya’ll.”

  2. Justin Bieber
    Joe Blow
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow…. an upskirt!!! And you can see some Bieber!

  3. jamiewithanh

    he reminds me of KD Lang.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Hey, maybe Hugh promised him a new set of tits and the cover page of next month’s issue.

  5. Are they shooting a sequel to “Boys Don’t Cry?”

  6. kathy

    Hey, wheres the proof that he actually goes to the Playboy Mansion alot? Until then, this story is just garbage!!

  7. AteIsEnough

    Here’s another frickin’ punko kid that is getting too much, too fast. Don’t see or hear from his Mom anymore do we? Man, THEE Playboy mansion…didn’t he preach about his faith and Christianity? Most celebs are hypocrites! I mean, I’d go daily too if I could, but I never claimed to be ultra Holy.

    • kathy

      you actually believe this story?? Where are the pictures of him at the playboy mansion? wow, there are none!! How shocking!! Can we say u might be a little gullible and believe everything you read?

      • Deacon Jones


        Has he broken your heart? It’s OK, you can tell me.

      • kathy

        No, actually he hasnt broke my heart! Im just not gullible like you idiots and believe every little thing people report, without actual proof that its true!! and let me point out,, On Justins 17th Birthday party, hiw could his dad take him to playboy mansion, when he was with his girlfriend Selena, theres video proof of that!! There is such thing as made up stories in this world! For instance, look at the baby mama dram with Justin. wheres the bitch now? oh wait, she dropped the paternity lawsuit,, a LIE!!!

      • Alex

        Wait! I thought you were being sarcastic in that how could this assclown ever be invited to the Mansion? You are defending his, uh, honor? I’m speechless.

      • kathy

        I’m not defending his honor at all!! I actually dont give a shit if he is obsessed with going to the playboy mansion or not! Im just tired of all these stories about celebrities, and everyone believing everything without actual proof! I think im being the only sane one here actually questionning the validity of a story! Its sad that you guys are soo gullible and eat this all up, without knowing for sure if its true or not! Wasn’t there a story a month ago about him going to a gay bar? and now the playboy mansion? a bit of a jump there, dont u think? Go ahead, eat it up as truth if u want, be one of the gullible ones!!

      • The degree of rationality and maturity of a commenter is usually in inverse proportion to the number of exclamation points he or she uses.

      • kathy

        Whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell how old i am now? oh, smart one!

      • anthonyOA

        18 in dog years

      • whatsmyface

        Let’s see, Kathy is probably a 40 something divorceé with 7 cats. And I’m pretty sure she works in accounting.

      • Bouncy Castle, London, UK

        (((Im just tired of all these stories about celebrities)))

        Pretty sure you’re on the wrong site then, Kathy.

      • JustinBieberHATER

        Hey I am not gulibul I knew that hey probably would go to the playboy mansion cuz he is to much of a girly chicken

  8. Balls McDicktug

    So Justin is now officially Corey Feldman.

  9. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    I dont care what anyone says about this guy, dont care for his music either, but a rich 17 year old always going to the playboy mansion, nailing some hot young thing. He rules

  10. So the kid is doing a cute little actress, and spending time at the Playboy mansion while making millions before his 18th birthday.

    Granted, his music ranges between annoying and indefensible, and his white boy street-cred poseur posing is just sad, but he’s probably treated like a puppy by the Playboy bunnies every time he shows up, so would any of us really be doing anything differently given the chance?

  11. Ummmm

    I call bullshit.

    ‘Tis all.

    • VV

      Seriously. First of all, when does he even have TIME? The handful of stories I’ve read about this are filled with “allegedly” and “reportedly” and “if true.” Hard hitting reporting, that. I’m not saying a 17 year-old straight-guy isn’t obsessed with Playboy and boobs, I’m just saying this seems like made-up tabloid blather, like the paternity suit.

  12. zorbitor

    I hear he peed on the rug like the puppies!

  13. As much as I’d love to believe the obnoxious little douche would do this, I couldn’t honestly believe his mother would allow him to. I’m pretty sure she still keeps him on a child leash when he’s off stage.

    • EricLr

      Are you kidding, he’s Mommy’s meal ticket!

      • VV

        At the risk of tipping my hand, if you knew anything about his backstory you wouldn’t make such a tacky remark. She raised him as a single mom in near-poverty conditions. She worked two jobs to support them and still they lived in government housing and had to sometimes get food at the local food bank. The only reason he started busking to begin with is because they didn’t have any money. Yeah, she can exhale NOW, but she’s more than earned it.

  14. Venom

    I don’t know, let him live it up. If history proves me correct he won’t be anybody in 5 years or less anyway. Out of all the boy bands and teen stars over the past 15 plus years, who actually made a career after all the hype? Just one, Justin Timberlake. Even the Jonas Brothers can barely be found these days.

    • Child stars in general, really.
      Britney Speares is the only other one I can think about. Looking at it from that perspective, I nearly feel bad for him.

  15. EricLr

    Enjoy it while it lasts, kid.

  16. TheListener

    I don’t know if this story is credible. I find it hard to believe that Selena would be okay with her boyfriend hanging out with a bunch of half-naked women. And he’s still a minor. Since when are minors allowed in such a place?

    • By that extension, people under eighteen shouldn’t be allowed at beached then, either? He’s seventeen. Naked/half naked women aren’t going to come as a shock to him. And to be honest, I don’t think his girlfriend could possibly have that much of a hold on him. Like you said, he’s a young boy, I’d be shocked if he wouldn’t go nuts for something like this. That said, I don’t think it’s credible either, but not for these reasons.

  17. meh

    I thought old Hef liked them blond? and why the f**k is he wearing ear-rings? He looks gay, no disrespect to gay people intended.

  18. BE

    I’m with Kathy – if Hefner had any proof Bieber was at the Playboy mansion, pics would be plastered everywhere because Hefner wants to people to think he’s relevant.
    And actually, Bieber would have to worry about Hef trying to do him what with his gay porn obsession.
    Bieber has zero need to associate with the old skanky prostitutes (whoops! I meant playmates) at the Playboy mansion. That’s what you guys in your forties still fantisize about. Whereas, Bieber has groupies (all ages) lined up around the block to knock Selena Gomez off of her pedestal.
    And FYI – I’m no fan of Bieber – I just don’t believe everything I read…

    • If you’re not a fan of him, why so bitter? I could nearly feel you spitting on the monitor just reading that.

      • BE

        Wow, I’d say you’re the overly emotional one if facts in evidence affect you so. Spitting, huh?

        Yeah, you got me. Androgynous teenage boys who wear earrings more often than I do are my thing. HAHAHA!!!

        One doesn’t have worship JB to possess a malarkey meter. Maybe they are just fond of truth. Note that the women are in disbelief and the men are jealous on this one.

        And before you go there, yeah, Fish does HAVE to keep this site relevant to women if he wants to get paid. Women influence 65% of all purchases and make 70% of the buying decisions in the world.

        Now that’s a FACT Jack!

      • I replied with two sentences. You posted four paragraphs in response. Think about that.

  19. kathy

    I have to laugh at some people on here!! Just because some people tend not to believe these stories, and ask for proof.. They are being called Justin Bieber fans, or that we are trying to defend him!! Sorry, maybe its because we heard so many bullshit stories about celebrities, we dont know whats the truth anymore! if you guys want to look like idiots and believe everything you read, go ahead!! We have a right to question false stories as well!

  20. Donald Trump

    His “manager” plants these Playboy Mansion stories in the press as a cover. Puhleeez….some of us are “in the know.”

  21. cc

    I hope the little latin beaver he’s dating realizes he’s at the mansion getting some strange. He about 70 years young for most of the plastic hos that live there, but on the other hand, being with someone who can get 5 hardons a day (like most 17 year olds) must make for a nice change from an old goat who can’t get it up without a bucket of Viagra and a shameless slut fluffing her heart out.

    • VV

      Never heard the term “getting some strange” before, lol. Thanks for the chuckle. (Files that away for future use.)

  22. “Enjoy it while it lasts”, said Leif Garrett.

  23. BE

    I don’t know why all you guys are so jealous of this little kid. He literally has nowhere to go but down at the ripe old age of 17. Look up Orson Welles, Michael Jackson, etc. Bieber has 60 plus years of trying to catch another lightning bolt ahead of him. If he manages to survive at all…

  24. Aussie Mama

    Absolute horseshit, don’t beliebe a word! the kids classier than that and was brought up better too.

  25. Freebie

    That poor kid is going to wake up one day and wonder why he’s not the center of the universe anymore. A younger and cuter kid is in the wings right now just waiting to take his place. This happens over and over again.

    • JustinBieberHATER

      That is true and watch he will go to the press and cry his ass off in front of the world asking “why doesn’t anyone recognize me any more I was the “BEST”

  26. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    is that his phone that is on the floor

  27. Justin Bieber
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s no comments on these cuz he’s fucking georgeous and awesome. Fuckin fatties that kno nothing about him hate him cuz they hate themselves

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