It’s The Justin Bieber Peeing Video

March 6th, 2014 // 37 Comments
Justin Bieber Peeing Jail
WATCH: Justin Bieber Peeing In Jail

Jiggas and jiggerettes, the worldwide video premiere of “Drip 4 U Girl,” a #BBare Bizzle Joint.

Oh, girl,
I just want to drip my dang-a-lang, girl,
On to you like Lana Lang, girl,
I just want to drip my dang-a-lang, girl,
In to you like Lana Lang, girl

Oh my big black dang-a-lang, girl,
It belongs to you, girl,
You can call it Clark, you call it who you want,
Oh, girl

Don’t be denyin’ what’s about, girl,
To be happenin’ in you tonight, girl,
It’s my dang-a-lang, girl,
Darkest than the darkest night, girl,
Cause you my Lana Lang, girl,
Who’s gonna get my dang-a-lang, girl

Repeat 27x

Girl, don’t be makin’ me wait for no Lois,
I ain’t got time for dat…

Video: TMZ


  1. I think you’re mistaking Lana Lang for Kim Kardashian.

  2. Randy

    Just… Why?

  3. if someone walked up to me in high school and said, “25 years from now you’llI be on a computer watching a juvenile boy take a leak” I would’ve just killed myself then.

  4. Mrs Opinionated

    Really? This is on demand right now?

    • MarketingMike

      It’s on Showtime tonight. “PRISON PECKER”
      “Short and white, is the new long and black…”

  5. I kinda expected him to back in to the urinal. Not because he has a vagina…. well maybe…. more that I figure he liked to tuck his junk buffalo bill style and piss out the back.

  6. Inner Retard

    Yesss! I’m not a complete failure. Managed to resist the urge to watch this video. So, despite the cold and the headache this was a good day! I still have some dignity. But I still couldn’t buy my favorite cookies. Damn it!

  7. yoop

    “my mom says I have to wash my hands after going potty”

  8. Cock Dr

    Now that I have access to it I find myself repelled….and that’s a good thing.

  9. Repeat 27x = WIN

  10. Mommy, WOW!

    I’m a big kid now!

  11. Where's Dildo

    Executive Producer: Robert Kelly

  12. far be it from me to give a rat fuck about Bieber, but this is a really serious What the Ever Loving Fuck moment.

    Why is video of a jail prisoner using the toilet being released to the public?

    • Cock Dr

      Someone got paid. I hope no one was expecting privacy considerations from a bunch of local Florida law enforcement yahoos.

    • Inner Retard

      He probably has a few more years on his contract. So, my guess is the record company he’s signed to paid to leak this (sorry for the pun) to burn and then fire him.

    • This is another fucked-up Florida law. Their public record laws are very liberal. This is actually considered public record in FL.

      Bieber’s lawyers were lucky to get the censoring. No joke.

    • You beat me to it. But given the other replies, doesn’t the question then become which member of the citizenry filed the paperwork necessary in order to begin the bureaucratic chain of events which lead to our access to this moment?

      Who the fuck asked them to release the footage? And why I am only about 50/50 confident it was not someone from Bieber’s camp.

      • You can thank the good attorneys for the Miami Herald, the Associated Press, CBS, and other media that chose to remain nameless for their eternal vigilance in filing the motions demanding all the videos be released under Florida’s public records law. It’s pretty broad, in that all evidence (including photos and videos) became public record once they’re given to the defense. Hours of surveillance footage of Bieber in police custody being frisked, etc. have already been released, but this footage had to be approved by a judge and redacted by the Miami-Dade PD in order to comply with your right to…uh…full disclosure and public access to evidence in court cases.

        Look, let’s just be grateful they didn’t release the Zimmerman tapes, OK?

      • As though that kid’s ego was not already beyond any measurable relation with reality, now he thinks people want to see him pee.

  13. Since when do thugs wear Capri pants?

  14. Swearin

    “Aww, that toilet is SO lucky!” – teenage girls

  15. CapnCheeseBallerVonKrunkwich

    Did he just use his hand to flush a jailhouse shitter, instead of kicking the handle with his foot? He really was out of it.

  16. yourmom

    Censored? What the fuck is the point, then?

  17. I don’t like this little turd one bit but come on, there is no reason this should be released, that is kind of fucked up.

  18. GossipSnob

    That’s crazy, lol. Good ole security cameras :)

  19. anonym

    Why didn’t they give him a mop bucket ?

  20. Obviously CGI. No one has a black box that big.

  21. D-chi

    This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever seen. (Not that I watched it. I do have *some* dignity left.) WHY is a video tape of him peeing a thing??

  22. As much as I hate this clown, when websites start publishing jailhouse videos of the kid taking a leak, you know it’s gone too far. Fuck the Superficial, finally found an excuse to delete this site from my favorites.

  23. “Hey, officer dude, do I wash my hands before or after I touch my wee-wee? And do I dry my hands before or after I get them wet?”

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