This is Justin Bieber’s Penis. No, Really.

From the mind who brought you Jelena: Our Love is Like a Goose Fucking an Armadillo comes Allegory of a Teen Sex Symbol, a bronze statue representing Justin Bieber’s penis if Justin Bieber’s penis was made out of Looney Tunes characters. So basically lifelike. This statue is lifelike. Via Splash News:

“Daniel wanted to create a work that opens a dialogue about the inevitable exploitation of teen sex symbols as they grow from child stars to adults, as we’ve seen with past celebutantes Lindsay [Lohan], Miley [Cyrus], and Britney [Spears],” said the artist’s spokesperson, Cory Allen. The piece, which features the cartoon characters Sylvester and Tweety Pie, is said to be inspired by groupie Cynthia Plaster Caster’s famous series of plaster casts of 60s rock stars, including Jimi Hendrix. Edwards said: “It would be naive and hypocritical for anyone to be offended by this simple sculpture, yet be apathetic towards the plethora of images to which they subject themselves on a daily basis. I stand by the work.

For someone who makes sculptures of 17-year-old cocks out of cartoon characters, the guy actually has a point. By this age, Miley Cyrus had already incorporated vagina diddles into her act and Britney Spears was using witch magic to make me masturbate in my college dorm room. Our nation has truly sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, so let us begin anew with golden statues of underage dick. Really start things off on the right foot this time.

UPDATE: Multiple angles added here. You’re welcome Usher.

Photo: Getty, Splash News