Justin Bieber’s Bulge Is A Lie, Too

UPDATE: Apparently these Photoshopped pics are fake Photoshops, and Justin Bieber has enough money to make his personal trainer tell TMZ he has a giant dick, so we’re all doomed. – SW

Posted by Photo Boy

Since I’ve already posted about one scantily clad little girl today and Fish knows it’s a dream of mine to one day be sitting in an interrogation room with my laptop in a plastic bag, he generously assigned me the story that everyone already knew was true. They photoshopped a dick and muscles on Justin Bieber. Via Page Six:

It appears Justin Bieber’s package was, ahem, artificially inflated for his Calvin Klein underwear ad…Website breatheheavy.com revealed what it claimed were unretouched photos of the bad boy Canadian singer next to the retouched sultry ad featuring the buff, tattooed singer with model Lara Stone.

Apparently he acted like a complete asshole during the shoot as well, rounding out every possible expectation everyone could have had for his behavior in every situation imaginable:

Funeral Director: We’ll now invite the family to pay their last respects before moving into the chapel.
Bieber: Dayum, son…shit reminds me of my homies gettin’ dropped by dem PoPo’s at the projects I came up in.
Joe Paterno’s Corpse: Ok, I get it, I’m in Hell already, right? Please tell me that’s what this is.

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Photo: BreatheHeavy.com