Justin Bieber: Norway’s Newest Holy Terror

May 31st, 2012 // 33 Comments
Maple Brawler
Justin Bieber Fight Paparazzi Selena Gomez
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Here’s Justin Bieber in Paris this morning after he was apparently the worst thing to happen to Oslo last night since Anders Behring Breivik. According to TMZ someone in his camp thought it’d be a great idea to offer teenage girls a free concert which, not surprisingly, resulted in a blonde underage riot leaving 63 injured and the city of Oslo in a near state of emergency. Even worse, some French bird touched Justin’s face this morning and almost gave him the cooties. It was goddamn pandemonium.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, WENN


  1. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that a fucking Steelers hat? No wonder he’s such an assbag.

  2. The Royal Penis

    One day beating up immigrants in the U.S., the next day “singing” songs for Norweigan teens.

    What a jet setting lifestyle.

  3. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
    Commented on this photo:

    selena is gonna kick your ass bitch, you getting too close to her man

  4. E.B. White

    It’s hard to watch that POS and his POS posse fouling up the most beautiful city in the world.

    I think I’d rather see Adolf and his entourage driving down the Champ Elysees than this maple twat.

    • Can we just cut to the chase and give him a pistol, a German Shepherd and an underground bunker?

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

        Selena Braun doesn’t quite have a ring to it, but who gives a shit. Stick her in there with him, and tell them the Red sare on their doorstep.

  5. She was looking for his Adam’s apple.

  6. cc

    ‘a blonde underage riot’

    Yikes. I am glad the FBI can’t read my mind.

  7. gnarla

    88 injured from what I’ve heard. They all deserved it.

  8. Steelerchick

    Bite it Bitches!!!

  9. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Cute girl ……. the one without the hat….

  10. rantatonne

    apparently dumb blonde sounds the same in any language.

  11. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
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    Christ, that is a smug look on his face. Damn you society for letting him have that look, dam you and your lack of taste.

  12. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
    Frank Burns
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    If that dude in the upper right has his way, I’ve a feeling Beiber may experience a different kind of holey terror.

  13. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
    Beer Baron
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    At least smile, you insufferable douche bag.

  14. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
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    You left the sticker on your hat dumb ass

  15. dooood

    “its a turn around jump shot its everybody jump start its every generation throws a hero up the pop charts. medicine is magical and magical is art think of the boy in the bubble n the baby
    w the baboon heart
    and i believe these are the days of lasers in the jungle lasers in the jungle somewhere. staccato signals of constant information a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires and baby
    these are the days of miracle and wonder this is the long distance call the way the camera follows us in slow mo the way we look to us all the way we look to a distant constellation thats dying in the corner of the sky these are the days of miracle and wonder and don’t cry baby don’t cry”

  16. Archie Leach

    I didn’t think it possible but my view – and hatred – of humanity has reached another new low.

    • I get that your “view” of society has reached a new low BUT a new low regarding your hatred of society would mean you actually like society more than you did before. So to sum up, your view of society has hit an all time low but you actually like society more now because you think so little of it—— WHAT KINDA FUCKED UP PERSON ARE YOU?

  17. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
    Commented on this photo:

    Where’s a face-eating zombie attack when you need one?

  18. Bianca

    “Why do you like Justin Bieber”?
    “He is pretty”.


  19. BenDoverman

    Why isn’t the bodyguard breaking her arm? I can’t get within ten feet of any chick without getting put in a choke hold.

  20. Kirk Diggler

    Justin Bieber would be very popular and in high demand in the penitentiary.

  21. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
    Mike Walker
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    One of the perks of muslim immigratiion.

  22. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
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  23. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    This clown can’t even support a CFL team? Why does Canada want him back?

  24. Sizzle

    You know, I’ve been a die hard Steelers fan my whole life. I can deal with the whole Rapistberger thing because one day he won’t be quarterback. But this? This?
    *Puts on Ravens jersey*

    Fuck it, I’m out.

  25. Justin Bieber Fights Female Fan Paris
    Commented on this photo:

    This girl wont be happy when she uploads this pic and realizes hes giving her the finger

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