Justin Bieber Had ‘Shrinkage’ In His Uncensored Naked Penis Photo

“Oh, shit, you guys, it’s making me go too fast! HELP!”

Presumably to promote his new song with Selena Gomez because the Internet runs on dick pics, Justin Bieber wants everyone to know that his is even bigger than you think because he had “shrinkage” in his uncensored naked penis photo. Us Weekly reports:

Justin Bieber is taking those nude Bora Bora vacation pics in stride. The “What Do You Mean?” singer jokingly addressed the invasive snaps with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in a new interview airing Monday, Oct. 19.
That was shrinkage for me,” the 21-year-old former YouTube star cracked before admitting that he felt violated.

Now, a fair question to ask is whether or not I’m giving Justin Bieber exactly what he wants because he knows I know just typing the words Justin Bieber naked penis photo makes Google nut all over itself. And the answer is, yes, of course I am. Are you fucking kidding me? Christmas is coming up. I’d fly his dick pic into a building if it’d help boost SEO. Your lives mean nothing to me.

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Photo: AKM-GSI