Justin Bieber Wasn’t At The Michael Jackson Tribute? C’mon!

Boy, Prince Michael looks just like his father. (His dad’s Ted from Hey Dude, right?)

While planning the Michael Jackson Forever Tribute concert in South Wales Saturday night, someone forgot to invite Justin Bieber essentially making the entire production a massive piss on the man’s grave. Because if there’s one thing Michael would’ve loved while he was alive, it’s Justin Bieber. He’s practically our generation’s Macaulay Culkin. Instead, he gets people who have absolutely no business being there save for maybe Pixie Lott because she has part of the word pixie dust in her name, and Christina Aguilera whose son Max will eventually turn eight some day. Other than that, no business being there. And to anyone saying “But, wait, Ne-Yo is a dancing black man,” so your point would be Michael was? Really? Black, huh?

Photos: Splash News

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