Justin Bieber Wasn’t At The Michael Jackson Tribute? C’mon!

October 10th, 2011 // 74 Comments

Boy, Prince Michael looks just like his father. (His dad’s Ted from Hey Dude, right?)

While planning the Michael Jackson Forever Tribute concert in South Wales Saturday night, someone forgot to invite Justin Bieber essentially making the entire production a massive piss on the man’s grave. Because if there’s one thing Michael would’ve loved while he was alive, it’s Justin Bieber. He’s practically our generation’s Macaulay Culkin. Instead, he gets people who have absolutely no business being there save for maybe Pixie Lott because she has part of the word pixie dust in her name, and Christina Aguilera whose son Max will eventually turn eight some day. Other than that, no business being there. And to anyone saying “But, wait, Ne-Yo is a dancing black man,” so your point would be Michael was? Really? Black, huh?

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  1. Happy Monday! First!

  2. xtina looks like a sausage about to pop. wow..

  3. bonerfest2011

    there’s no way these are his kids, unless there’s a gene-bleaching treatment i’m not aware of.

  4. sc4play

    I was thinking that was an early shot of Chaz Bono….then I remembered……….

  5. OnTheRealThough

    anybody know why the comments section doesn’t show up for me on this site when using Google Chrome?

  6. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
    Deacon Jones
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    Who is this?

  7. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
    The Brown Streak
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    +1 for the Hey Dude reference…Now where is the Melody/Brad sex tape I’ve been waiting for?

  8. Speaking in rough tongues

    I heard Micheal was working on a chamber that suspended age and teeth development. More reason to fry that Dr. Conrad.

  9. God is Black

    “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

  10. stevebeagle

    Michael Jackson hates black people.

  11. Speaking in rough tongues

    Id rather go to work than observe Columbus day. This dude was a genocidal maniac. And people think germ warfare is something new. Ha!

    • thanks black elk, but it was the english not the italian/spanish that broke all the treaties with the injins and willingly massacred them in high numbers..

    • Speaking in rough tongues

      Ohh I see. Thanks hes completely exonerated.

    • Speaking in rough tongues

      You know who I forgive? Casey Anthony. Why you ask? Susan Smith did it first.

    • Why is it that you feel the need to impose your 21st century ethics/mores on a figure from the 15th century? At that time people were just begining to understand that the world wasn’t flat so it’s beyond me how anyone from the 15th century could stand the PC (political correctness) test people like you with the vantage point of 6 centuries hence always love to throw out.

      • AAA

        21st century ethics like not enslaving and then literally working native populations to death in the pursuit of gold? Most of the people in Haiti today are descendants of African slaves that future settlements had to bring over to replace the slave labor Columbus and his crew had already used up. I remember a few years ago reading about how some of his crewman’s journals were recovered and they described a situation so brutal that the natives were literally killing themselves just so they didn’t have to work for Columbus and his men. Expecting mothers were beating each other to force miscarriages on purpose so their children wouldn’t have to suffer the same fate as them. Also the idea that people back then thought the world was flat is a myth. The earth was proven to be round long before Columbus was even born.

    • You prove my point. You fail to understand that the indians were not viewed as people. They were not viewed as human beings. They were not to be afforded any rights or considerations as such. This was the 15th century way of thinking.

      Also the flat earth allusion was a simple to illustrate the disparity of knowledge between the 15th centruy and today and not to be taken as anything other than anecdotal.

  12. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    Chub or not, her breasts are AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

  13. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    White Snooki

  14. forrest gump

    he was ashamed he’s still this “Small” compared to Michael at this age?

  15. skunk

    how the fuck are those his kids. what a self hating freak.

    • he paid for them fair and square, that makes them his. biologically no, but his, yes.

      • I have it on good authority that Jackson had himself castrated to maintain his high voice, although he did so LONG after puberty so it was a totally futile effort. This is why he was unable to biologically father children himself, AND why photos of his genitals utterly exonerated him in his molestation trial.

    • terry

      Yeah he was. He hated himself. And that skin condition was bullshit. He bleached with creams and injections. And those kids are Debbie Rowe’s and some fucking twink he probably fucked.
      And did you noticed no “REAL” stars came out for this? MJ dies broke and his tribute was pathetic.
      Now, wait until paul Mccartney dies! That will be the tribute of all time in the world of rock.
      Seriously, who respected that motherfuckers anyway? I’m black and when I saw what his inferiority complex consciousness ass did to himself I wrote that Negro off.

  16. Ditty

    Wow. Best “Hey Dude” reference ever!

    The rest of my week can suck. It doesn’t matter.
    Because my Monday just fucking rocked it.

    Thank you for that piece of solid gold.

  17. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    Dolly Parton??!!

  18. I think this boy’s father is the dermatologist, Arnold Klein. Anyone else with me?

    And with the mother of Debbie Rowe, that would mean that this was an employee/employer relationship or turkey baster arrangement.

    • V

      It’s just what I commented. Yup, Prince’s father is totally that guy. They’re identical. Though I’m pretty sure he thinks Michael is his dad :( Blanket looks so much like Michael. And Paris looks biracial as well and she looks a lot like her mother.

      I like these kids. I just hope they’re properly looked after.

  19. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    Jacket. check.
    Glove. check.
    Getting grabby and making young boys uncomfortable. check.

    Obviously Paris is is real daughter.

  20. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    I wonder whose genes he actually spliced together for each of his kids. His daughter looks like she’s going to be a heart breaker when she gets older.

  21. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder had a love child?

  22. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    The black people’s Dolly Parton.

  23. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
    Cock Dr
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  24. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
    Cock Dr
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    She’s going with the “make the hair huge to minimize the size of the hips and thighs” strategy.
    It’s really doesn’t work but it does sell a lot of hair products.

  25. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
    Cock Dr
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    Great photo; glistening out of focus barechested males in the background, thunder thighs in fishnets & peroxide extensions out in front.

  26. V

    Blanket and the girl look biracial. After all this time that nobody believed Michael was the father, I think we can now agree that he is. Prince definitely looks like the donor guy that was rumored before though.

    I just wish they weren’t being whored around like that, but I guess they like celebrating their father’s legacy *shrug*.

  27. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
    Cock Dr
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  28. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    Hate to tell you this, sweeheart, but hair above the knees is just as nasty as hair below the knees…

  29. mom

    fuck u all heaters. fuck all your families. micheal is dead what else do you want from him. i guess your lifes our so fuck up that you enjoy thinking that other people lifes are like yours suckers

  30. mom

    fuck u the stupid ass whole who wrote this i don’t know what ….

  31. dontlooknow

    Umm, sorry, don’t even know who half of these people are, so why are they paying tribute to MJ?

  32. roughtoberfest

    I need to start a movement where Americans go to work on Columbus day…

    • roughtoberfest

      The ones with jobs of course. The ones without jobs are already on wall street. I think one of their demands is to repel Columbus day.

    • kimmykimkim

      If you don’t work at a bank or some federal building you’re at work.

  33. boy

    thats corey feldmans son

  34. The dude

    Fish, you and I are the same age. You know who’s OUR generation’s Macaulay Culkin? Macaulay Culkin. Justin Bieber is THIS generation’s Macauly Caulkin. #longtimefirsttime

  35. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    When did Aretha Franklin get vitiligo?

  36. BB

    Prince looks more like the kid from The Sopranos.

  37. Venom

    I can’t believe that people actually debate if these are his biological kids or not.
    Clearly they are not his kids in any way shape or form biologically.

    Paris is cute, she will be very goo looking as she gets older, until of course she eventually blows up like her mother Debbie Rowe.
    They need to get those kids away from that messed up family ASAP.

  38. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    Stop eating bitch.

  39. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    How the hell did she end up there?

  40. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    The power of Spanx. That shit is apparently Herculean.
    She probably singlehandedly made their product sales go up 20% after this photo.

  41. The apple doesn’t fall far from the boy hungry, self-loathing pedophile.

  42. Chauncy

    Take a really good look at Prince Michael’s face. Now, remember that scene in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome where Mel Gibson is inside Thunderdome and knocks the helmet off Blaster and we see him laying there smiling up at Mel Gibson…

    Just saying.

  43. BSname

    GOOD news for these Kids!
    Your father is still alive!!

    We just don’t know who your father is yet.

  44. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    This has to be the pissest poor celebration of an accused peado pop star’s life. They shoulda rolled Bubbles out on stage bumming Ne-Yo whilst tearing off the faces of all the UK X-Factor wannabe wankers grasping at some second hand fame from a middle aged drug addict who hadn’t had a hit in years. And in f**king Cardiff too. Cardiff is shit. I’ve been there. People in Cardiff hate Cardiff. Michael Jackson would’ve hated Cardiff. They film Dr Who there. That’s bollocks too. I bet MJ is turning in his bloody grave. Cardiff. FFS!

  45. Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert
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    shes hot!

  46. rtm

    Michael is most definitely the father. Michael J. Pollard, that is.

  47. Cipram 20

    OK, I see now how fucked up u people. once you were screaming ” The king , The king” , and now making all this bullsh!t about him. It’s obvious how the media system work in US? If they hated u then your dead ( RIP MJ ), and will keep digging your grave with nasty insults.
    It’s the J system everybody.
    Fucking annoying .

  48. michael jayson

    those are his kids prince look like michael jackson when he is about 20 years old,paris look more like debbie rowe and also like latoya,she had green eyes like joe jackson had..and prince II jackson looks like the clone of michael jackson..case close.

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