Justin Bieber Knocked Up Mariah Yeater

“Ohmygod, I totally made you carry my baby then made people think it wasn’t mine. You should’ve seen your face!”

There’s an old Hollywood rumor that Kirk Douglas not only brutally raped Natalie Wood when she was a teenager, but laughed at her afterwards and completely got away with it because he was a powerful Hollywood actor at the time. Which is really the only way to transition into Justin Bieber, for God knows what reason, deciding to tweet Mariah Yeater, the young girl who accused him of knocking her up backstage at a concert only to have her story completely discredited in the media, so this was pretty much like beating a dead horse I now fully believe Justin Bieber put a baby in:

Dear mariah yeeter…we have never met…so from the heart i just wanted to say… http://youtu.be/RaPpjTZa9bA

The video (after the jump) is Borat repeatedly going “You’ll never get this, you’ll never get this,” which I’m amazed Justin Bieber’s team hasn’t deleted considering how hard they worked to drop a nuclear bomb on Mariah Yeater’s paternity claim which was almost completely forgotten by now until he went ahead and reminded 20 million+ Twitter followers about it. So either this kid is so drunk on power, he’s laughing Kirk Douglas-style at a chick he just completely obliterated after knocking her up or he’s just a prick. But before you decide, allow me to present these gold high-tops as evidence that it’s both and that he has Selena Gomez’s family chained in a dungeon so she holds his hand at the mall.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News, Splash News