Justin Bieber Managed To Piss Off India – Surprised?

International Bieber-fever is not an airborne sickness or a breakfast slammer from a truck stop diner, it’s the Biebs taking his bratty, hockey-loving assplay to the furthest corners of the Earth to show people his tattoos. A few days ago, he played his first show in India to 45,000 people. Of course, he was a little douche-canoe and showed up wearing gym shorts to spit hot curry lip synced lyrics into an imaginary microphone…

Bieber’s Indian tour got off to a great start when his tour rider leaked and we found out that his perception of “authentic” Indian culture comes from that one time he and his bros watched “The Love Guru”. Rolling Stone India wrote:

He performed the entire 90-minute set with the kind of enthusiasm you would expect from a robot, save for a couple of moments where he did seem to come alive and throw a magnanimous hello at the audience.

Bieber is the second boring person in the past month to piss off Indian people in their own country after Kendall Jenner celebrated her Indian heritage on Vogue India’s 40th anniversary cover.

Next stop for Justin is Johannesburg, South Africa where he definitely will say something stupid about Apartheid.