Justin Bieber Made Rob Ford Relapse

Posted by Photo Boy

When Justin Bieber decides to be a colossal shithead, he really doesn’t pull punches, and it seems there was no exception when he decided to taunt Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for his hilarious and not-at-all tragic to an entire city of anguished citizens drug habit.

Not long after, Ford wandered into the club’s common area and ran into Bieber, who was there partying with his own entourage. According to the Star, Bieber jokingly asked Ford, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?” Ford, furious, returned to his private booth and reportedly proceeded to drink heavily throughout the night.

Last night, Ford issued a statement basically saying he relapsed and is going to rehab, something that someone who, I don’t know, say is himself addicted to drugs might consider doing if he wasn’t surrounded by sycophant enablers and parasites like his own father.

BIEBER: I don’t know dad, lately things have seemed kind of crazy, maybe we should slow down.
BIEBER SR.: I just want what’s best for you, kiddo.
BIEBER: Maybe I should quit music, move back in with you and you can get a job and support me while I work through my issues?
BIEBER SR.: Uh…yeah, I can totally…that sounds like a plan champ! *empties cough syrup into sippy cup*

Photo: Getty