Justin Bieber Made Rob Ford Relapse

May 1st, 2014 // 32 Comments

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When Justin Bieber decides to be a colossal shithead, he really doesn’t pull punches, and it seems there was no exception when he decided to taunt Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for his hilarious and not-at-all tragic to an entire city of anguished citizens drug habit.

Not long after, Ford wandered into the club’s common area and ran into Bieber, who was there partying with his own entourage. According to the Star, Bieber jokingly asked Ford, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?” Ford, furious, returned to his private booth and reportedly proceeded to drink heavily throughout the night.

Last night, Ford issued a statement basically saying he relapsed and is going to rehab, something that someone who, I don’t know, say is himself addicted to drugs might consider doing if he wasn’t surrounded by sycophant enablers and parasites like his own father.

BIEBER: I don’t know dad, lately things have seemed kind of crazy, maybe we should slow down.
BIEBER SR.: I just want what’s best for you, kiddo.
BIEBER: Maybe I should quit music, move back in with you and you can get a job and support me while I work through my issues?
BIEBER SR.: Uh…yeah, I can totally…that sounds like a plan champ! *empties cough syrup into sippy cup*

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  1. Something needs to be done about this asshole. Why don’t rappers do drive-bys anymore?

  2. Justin Bieber Dick Grab Bandana Around Neck Stupid Hat Coachella
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    The surprising part is that the shit stain knows who Rob Ford is.

  3. Decides to be a colassal shithead?? He IS colassal shithead. And I’m Canadian. He’s a fucking embarasment. I’m with Zaloog.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I would love to party with Ford. I can only imagine what he’s like after a couple hits off the pipe at a strip club. I would be screaming with laughter right next to him

  5. Not to diminish what a shithead Bieber is, but what the fuck is a recovering addict like Ford doing hanging out in clubs? That’s like sending a former meth-head to live in a trailer park.

    • Ford isn’t an “addict”, and President 0bama makes Ford look good. Very good. In fact Ford will probably be re elected… and we don’t allow cheating like you Americans do, up here.

      • D-chi

        I truly cannot begin to parse this comment.

      • So you’re one of those fuckheads whom I keep seeing on the news STILL supporting Ford.

        You might not want to use ‘we’ in reference to Canadians, because every educated person I’ve spoken to thinks you lot are a bunch of fucking idiots. If the opinion of a pathetic shithead kid is enough to make you run back to crack … hell if you do crack and have been caught doing it in the first place … you are not qualified to be in office. Ford is an embarrassment and should have stepped down long ago. Period.

  6. JC

    Rob Ford is a colossal dickhead, the people who voted him are also dickheads, and Bieber is also a dickhead. They all deserve each other. Wall off Toronto with all of them inside and let Darwinism take its course.


      I would say “Canada is full of dickheads” but basically yeah…it’s Toronto.

  7. Jason

    Could someone please explain to me how this asshole ever got this far as an entertainer.
    Was he sucking off pedo music producers?
    Letting them butt-tool him?

    What was it? Cuz’ it sure as hell wasn’t through any sort of legitimate talent. Seriously, what was it?

  8. Slash

    No, no, no — we don’t want Bieber to get clean.

    We want him to Paul Walker himself, hopefully with one or both of his parents in the car.

  9. C’mon, that is a picture of Miley. There’s really only two humanoid teen starlets out there: Miley/Bieber and Gomez/Lovato/Hudgens/Justice. The glitterati probably stores them in the same fridge with Travolta’s hair.

  10. Justin Bieber Dick Grab Bandana Around Neck Stupid Hat Coachella
    beaver eater
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    I want to punch him out

  11. anonymous

    I seriously doubt Justin Bieber would recognize Rob Ford let alone know that he likes drink, party and smoke crack.

  12. how you know dat

    That’s a rockhead reaction though. Biebs was jus fuxin widem

  13. fuckyoujustinbiebergetlostalreadyweallhateyou

    Can we please get rid of him already!!! With so much killing in the US, why can one on the stories on the news be about his death… Or we can just deport him to canada. Oh wait… didn’t we try that already???

  14. Poooooooooo

    I hate Bieber as much as anyone but that shit was fucking funny. You guys need to quit sucking thesuperficials dick all the time. Just because it’s Bieber doing something funny doesn’t mean we all have to pretend it’s not.

    Shits funny as fuck. Like the only good thing this kid every fucking did.

  15. Justin Bieber Dick Grab Bandana Around Neck Stupid Hat Coachella
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    Yep. It’s still in there somewhere.

  16. Justin Bieber Dick Grab Bandana Around Neck Stupid Hat Coachella
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    Have some more Sizzurp you assclown.
    Like, lots of it.

  17. Justin Bieber Dick Grab Bandana Around Neck Stupid Hat Coachella
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    How the fuck do you cause 20K in damages with eggs?

  18. Justin Bieber Dick Grab Bandana Around Neck Stupid Hat Coachella
    Mr. Fahrenheit
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    You wanna know how to get Bieber? He pulls an egg, you pull a pancake. He sends one of yours to McDonalds, you send one of his to the Waffle House. That’s the Breakfast way! And that’s how you get Bieber. Now do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that? I’m offering you a deal. Do you want this deal?

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