Justin Bieber Thinks He’s Eminem Now. Of Course.

Here’s Justin Bieber performing the first verse of Lose Yourself in Detroit, of all places, last night because when you’re the King of the Wild Kidz, son, you spit what you want. In fact, none of this is so ridiculous that even some old British lady like Sharon Osbourne could possibly see this shit for exactly what it is:

“He wants to be a mean boy, and he’s about as mean as a fuckin’ kitten, and he’s trying to act out. It’s like pissing in a bucket. It’s like, “Oh, we’re the bad boys!” Fuck off! You don’t know what bad is. And I think that he’s lost, I really do. I think he doesn’t realize he’s white and not black, that’s a huge problem.”

OH DAMN. She called you a kitten! Best bring that shit to pistols, yo. Teach ol’ Nanny McGee how Bieb-dawg rolls.. or just trip over your pants ’cause they down around your ankles. That’s hard frontin’, too, dawg, don’t let nobody tell you otherwi- aight, I’ll stop talking and get a Band-Aid. Spongebob or Looney Tunes?