Is Justin Bieber Banging Kourtney Kardashian On The Hood Of A Car?

While Justin Bieber wanted you to believe this is Kourtney Kardashian, who he’s banging, in an Instagram post aimed at Scott Disick because this shit is Orlando Bloom all over again only way douchier and with more fatherless kids per vagina capita, but this is actually some OTHER chick, who he’s (probably) banging, that he was with Saturday afternoon after banging Kourtney earlier that day. And, yet, for some reason, Selena Gomez won’t take him back. I can’t put my finger on it.

Lord knows

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What does the Lord know? That you Photoshop chicks into your Instagram pics? That your brother is trying to bang your mom in the past and that’s why your hands disappeared? TELL ME.

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