Justin Bieber Doesn’t Look High At All

As someone who’s experimented with hallucinogenics in college – And for lunch. *watches desk melt into a griffin, rides it into the sunset, wakes up on top of the neighbor’s fridge in an eagle mask* Bob. Linda. – I feel pretty confident in recognizing the look of someone who thinks they just saw an Ent while tripping their face off at an outdoor music festival. However, as someone who’s never stuck their penis in a Kardashian because bear traps weren’t built to hold Sasquatches, this could just as easily be the face of a boy who just realized the condom he used had an awful lot of holes in it. And was made of air. In fact, now that I look at these again, this kid’s definitely about to cry, so it was probably air condom. Kid got air condom’d.

Photos: Getty