You Know How Girls Like To Pretend They’re Marilyn Monroe Or Audrey Hepburn?

March 24th, 2014 // 46 Comments
Justin Bieber James Dean


Photo: Instagram


  1. Thanks for posting this. I was a little constipated.

  2. JungleRed

    I see him more as an Ali McGraw.

  3. Inner Retard

    Little bit country, little bit rock & roll. Full douchebag.

  4. rican

    If he really wants to go for the look he should drive his car into a ditch.

  5. eh

    looks like he needs proactive.

  6. Is that Cigarette a Virgina Slims? I think James smoked a little more manly.

  7. Sigh, kill me now.

  8. “Justin sits back, collects his thoughts for a moment,

    Scratches his head, does his best gay queen…”

  9. Cock Dr

    That’s a decent Samantha Ronson impression. Yeah, I’ll bet that pulls in the hot chicks.

  10. Ruckus

    If James Dean was alive to see this, he would be screaming, “Help! Let me out of this box!”

  11. me

    Somebody needs to fix this jerk up with Lohan, so that when one of them has a fatal accident, the odds of getting both are greatly improved.

  12. Jonna Travolt

    Jamie Deena

  13. You know what? I’ve decided I like this kid. In fact I’m going to let him drive my Porsche 550 Spyder.

  14. Miley has done it again, what an attention whore. She really needs to grow her hair out, its not flattering at all on her. Though based on this picture she is starting to look more feminine.

  15. Frunken

    That seems about right. Dean hated the character and modeled him after the shittiest, most fucked up pieces of trash he’d ever met.

  16. AteIsEnough

    This little twat stain is a joke. Looks like James Dean…my ass!!!

  17. He looks more like Sal Mineo (one of the first openly gay actors in Hollywood) than James Dean:

  18. ben dover

    please please please buy a Porsche Spyder

  19. Rebel Without a Clue

  20. chango

    would make a great cologne add for “Cool Douche”

  21. ThisWillHurt

    James Peen.

  22. buzz

    So Miley Cyrus wants to be James Dean now?


    The real James Dean shit bigger than this little fucking pansy.

  24. Bob

    Can we get Jaden Smith in the same room with him? I think they’d immediately start a douche-off and keep making this face at each other until one of them keels over.

    • I wear women's shoes

      Kind of like when you put a mirror up to a Betta fish and it gets all puffed up trying to fight itself?

  25. Now if only he could follow the path James Dean took to the very end.

  26. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    I thought this was the “Gay Elvis” look.

  27. rusty

    Seriously…just give me a shovel and 5 minutes alone with this walking detritus…

  28. Moron! Is he chewing on a pen?

  29. CosI'mHappy

    Even his cigarette’s limp.

  30. I know two James Deans. One died before I was even born. The other is the top male pornstar in the world. And both of them are more man than this little asshole will ever be.

  31. Swearin

    Consider this: he came up with this photo idea while having a post-coital smoke after banging Selena Gomez, again, and then try to convince me God isn’t dead.

  32. Fucking Bieber is doing so many things to convince the public that he is a bad-ass. Can you imagine what a repressed childhood he must have led? Not making an excuse. He’s still a dirty little cocksucker.

  33. Bob

    Is he trying to look like K.D. Lang?

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