‘And Then Did the Maple Christ Child Feed the Multitudes With But One Pringles Can’

Justin Bieber is currently in Israel this week where he’s already complained about the paparazzi not respecting “places of prayer” by taking pictures of him trying to “walk where Jesus walked.” Which is hilarious considering I don’t try to walk where Batman walks a.) He expected dignity from a group of people who get paid extra for taking pictures of women’s sex organs as they’re getting out of cars. (And God bless them for that.), and b.) here he is crunching Pringles on holy land while children are being blown up by rockets in the distance. I’m no biblical scholar, but I’m pretty sure Jesus would be doing his best to help the sick and poor instead of whining about rich people problems like having his picture taken. Also, he told me in a dream he likes Baked Lays, so that has to be true.

Photos: WENN