Justin Bieber Is Still A Little Bitch

According to DJ Michael Woods, while performing in South Korea, Justin Bieber burst into his DJ booth (above) until the following allegedly happened:

Story is @justinbieber + his army of heavy security muscled in to the booth half way thru my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop…
So when I told @justinbieber to fuck off and put some clothes on he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and fled behind a wall of security

Which sounds exactly right considering Justin has a history of starting fights he knows his security will never let run its course. And then there’s also this tweet from Alex Madden, the tour manager who allegedly got punched, which tells me Bieber’s bodyguards make $1 million per hour because there’s no other explanation here:

“Alright, dawgs, let’s walk it through one more time. Some punk-bitch’s gettin’ in my grill, I flex these swoll guns and pop him in the face. He somehow gets up to take a swing – Which ain’t happenin’, fo’ real. – you drag me out of there and then what?”
“Tell him to recognize he’s seen a real nigga?”
“Tell him to recognize he’s seen a real nigga, that’s right. Now dry those tears and let’s roll. And no talking in the car about how you used to be Special Forces. Shit’s depressin’, yo.”