Justin Bieber is a Badass Now

Obviously someone’s been staying up past his bedtime watching The Winner stick it to the man, because here’s the now-former Child Messiah Justin Bieber embracing the Dark Side and flipping off the paparazzi while celebrating his 17th birthday last night with Selena Gomez who looks just so, so thrilled. Then again, this is partially her own fault for letting him motorboat her at a Vanity Fair Oscars party. You give a young boy like that a slight taste of win, and BOOM! Suddenly he’s using the middle finger like those gang members on the television. From there it’s nothing but a slippery slope to saying “darn,” or God help us, “heck,” and by then it’ll be too late. The Justin we know will be so far gone, he’s eating candy before supper. Pray for him, Beliebers! PRAY FOR HIS SOUL.

Photos: Pacific Coast News