Justin Bieber’s House Just Got Raided By The Cops

January 14th, 2014 // 44 Comments
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So remember the other day when Justin Bieber egged his neighbor’s house like a fucking idiot? The cops just beat down his door with a battering ram and are inside right now with a search warrant. TMZ reports:

Sources say cops will look for anything that is relevant to the egg incident, including other eggs in the house and possible video. Sheriff’s deputies have looked at TMZ’s video of the incident and believe Justin has surveillance video that might have captured the egging.
By the way … looking for other eggs may sound silly, but it isn’t. There could be some sort of identifier that links what’s in Justin’s fridge to the broken eggs outside.
Here’s the thing … If in the course of the search cops find something illegal — like drugs — it’s fair game.

Please find molested kids. Please find molested kids. Please find molested kids. Please find molested- what? He said he wanted to be the next Michael. Those were his exact words, not mine.

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  1. I have ten dollars on dead hookers.

    • Randal

      Pure and utter garbage!

      I’m curious what it is the neighbor said or did to Justin in the first place to get such a low key guy to want to egg the house. Justin is not some rapper from the hood with golden grills, corn rows and a .45 in his low rise jeans, who I can see doing this with little thought, but Justin? Come on!

      As for the neighbor who claims damages over $20,000 to retrofit his home, it’s called a bucket of warm water, soap and a sponge.

      Talk about taking advantage of a celebrity just for money.


      • That is not true, two years ago I had my house egged accidentally, my house number and the house across the street are almost the same, and it damaged the paint on my garage doors to the point where I had to have them all repainted and paint came off on my gutters too where egg was on it, and that stuff was hard to get off and I had to have my brick power washed also. The neighbor has venetian plaster, so it is very likely that serious damage was caused.

        Here is a thought, if you don’t want shit to happen to you if you are a celebrity, don’t do shit to other people and don’t break the law. You don’t see cops over at Brad Pitt’s house raiding it now, do you?

      • Yeah, nobody’s f’ing with Brad Pitt’s house, because they know damn well Angelina would beat their ass mercilessly.

      • Hey Randal, they just arrested Beiber’s buddy who had cocaine on him. Or they found the coke and the buddy claimed it to save Beiber. Hood rat much?

      • cmonreally

        Although I would laugh at seeing some “rapper from the hood with golden grills, corn rows and a .45 in his low rise jeans” do this, I would think a “rapper from the hood” wouldn’t deign to egging a house. This is some juvenile retard shit, which is right up Beiber & Co.’s alley.

      • Somebody should pull down his low rise jeans and slide a .45 up his ass.

  2. joe

    I bet that douche has a million nudie pics that his dipshit fans send him. Wonder how many aren’t quite 18 yet?

  3. JohnnyP

    Can you go to jail for posessing Maple Sizzurp?
    (fingers crossed…)

  4. Toby Weymiller

    My understanding is that the police are trying to determine if Bieber has a vagina. Vagina. I said they were looking for a vagina.

  5. I wish that POS would be deported back to hockyland.

    I’d like to see the whole lot of those moose fuckers sent back, i.e. Howie Mandel, Jim Carey, Neil Young. Shatner can stay though.

    • Urbanspaceman

      You Americans offered those people money and fame, they’re yours now. Shatner’s welcome to visit whenever he likes.

    • Hockyland? Okay, first off… if you’re gonna mock a country, at least spell Hockey right. Secondly, moose fuckers? Really? I’ve lived in Canada for a good long time now and I haven’t even seen a Moose, much less taken it out for dinner and enough drinks to get it to lower it’s standards enough to fuck me! Also, keep Jim Carrey… we don’t want him either.

  6. whoami

    As much as I dislike Bieber, I guess there aren’t any more important things the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department could be doing?

    • JimBB

      When someone wealthy enough to live in that neighborhood complains to the police, you can bet it gets taken care of, regardless of how small the crime may be.

    • Chris Brown

      Don’t worry about him. If you don’t do time for beating the crap out of a girl, a few eggs aren’t going to be a problem.

  7. cmonreally

    TMZ just noted that Lil Za got arrested for cocaine possession.

    Unfortunately, they found that Bieber was not associated with it.

    • Of course he is associated with it. One, it is his house, two that useless fucker has no job and no money other than what Bieber gives him. Being a young black man would be reason enough for the neighborhood to want him gone, being an ignorant piece of shit one that always causes problems and argues with the actual homeowners, well that will get you arrested with cocaine charges. This is a message from the neighbors and the cops for Bieber to clean house and clean up his act, or else.

      • cmonreally

        I don’t think even this will make Bieber wise up enough to clean house and clean up his act. He’s probably laughing his ass off right now.

        Za (I can’t with that fucking name) is the ultimate fall guy – he is the one that was blamed for all of the altercations and troubles in that neighborhood, which makes it more believable that he was the one truly responsible for the coke.

        However, since Za is also completely dependent on the Maple Syrup Cunt’s money, I can see Za just taking a dive for him (probably with Bieber saying, “Just say it’s yours – your rep isn’t at stake, and I can bail you out in a few hours. If I go to jail, that could ruin my brand and we’d all be out a lot of money soon.”). With people who are dependent on you and your money, and will do anything to maintain their standard of living that you provide them, you don’t need wise up.

    • Beer Baron

      Is Lil Za short for Little Pizza?

    • meh

      Justin Bieber’s black boyfriend is going to love jail.

  8. That will teach you Bieber, stick to being a pedo or beating women in Hollywood, but don’t egg the rich neighbor’s home.

  9. j-sin

    I can see the cops bringing out garbage bags filled with eggs. CSI will be checking egg yolks for drugs.

  10. JimBB

    I’m betting on a huge supply of bootleg maple syrup and a stash of medical records showing that Justin’s doctor beliebs he may be a hermaphrodite.

  11. Bonky

    Lil Za was busted at Biebers for coke. It was out in the open and Za
    said it was his. Pretty normal way to start your day, 8:45am
    on a Tuesday with a plate full of coke, right ? . Wonder if Za will
    get any time for the felony.

  12. Mohawk Disco

    They are looking for eggs. So, I guess it’s an egg hunt. But if they also find the Easter Bunny then what? The lawyers will have him out in no time. Just shoot him. But think, first ask where the naked Selena pics are!

  13. please deport his ass please deport his ass

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    How can anyone say no???

  15. Barry Chuckle

    Bet they find a wrecking ball…

  16. malaka

    oh lord how they play and play for that happy day
    for that HAPPY DAY!!

  17. Arlmlo Schlongfooster

    Cops conduct panty raid on Bieber residence and find diapers

  18. just your average Canadian

    HELL NO…what makes you think we want those twerps back. You keep them. Land of the free, home of the brave, give me your tired huddled mass and all that bull shit.

  19. kery

    I bet you that Justin will pay in order to be free of any charges.

  20. European Dude

    Really, cops bust down your door over there (America) for egging someones house?

    Over here nobody would waste their time and effort investigating that.

    I do hope they find all kinds of illegal crap in there but really investigating on that kind of basis, kind of hilarious how the US lawl enforcement operates.

    I once had dead fish in my mailbox, went to the police as that kind of stuff is commonly assigned with more serious threats, just got laughed at. Guess it was too small fish (in regards to gossip value and prestige),…

  21. ***Help Prevent Random Acts of Vandalism: Register Eggs***

  22. Juniper

    Such as ‘other eggs in the house’. ROFL

    Hide yo eggs! Hide yo ovum! It’s an EGG RAID!

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