Justin Bieber Doesn’t Look High At All

June 21st, 2013 // 21 Comments
Justin Bieber High Instagram Video
WATCH: Justin Bieber Looks High As F*ck

Instagram recently unveiled their new video feature, and what better way to announce that than Justin Bieber looking high as shit while repeatedly saying, “Crazy news. Crazy news, you guys.” Personally, I would’ve gone with “Vine ain’t got shit on deez nuts,” before making him inquire on the location of the white woman, but that’s just me and my finger on the pulse of today’s youth. Boyeeee.

Video: Instagram


  1. cc

    Would he be more or less insufferable when he is high? Tough to say.

  2. T.S.T.T.C

    he was saying “crazy news” about the video on instagram. maybe he thinks its THAT awesome lol

  3. Juliana

    Aww! Isn’t it cute when kids try weed for the first time? They grow up so fast these days…

  4. BB

    Justin Bieber is a piece of shit.

  5. Kid celebrities..they have waaaay too much money,access to EVERYTHING and anything they want,and they miss out on a normal upbringing because the little shits are living on their own in mansions by the age of 17 and partying all night with their “friends”…where are these kids freakin parents?

    Who knew all that could = little douche bags with no respect or boundries? Why am I not shocked?

    • Batu Khan

      Where are their parents? Probably learning to ride a jet ski in Tahiti on their kid’s dime with Kris Jenner.

  6. rubbydubby

    I would like to punch this little twerp right in the face.

  7. Batu Khan

    5 seconds into the video I already wanted to punch him in the face. Must be a new record.

  8. Video for his cover of Jon Lajoie’s “High as Fuck.”

    (Watch the video — it’s hilarious.)

  9. Petey

    You would be high on drugs too if you are Usher’s bitch on demand.

  10. Joe Blow

    Nope, he doesn’t. He does, however, still look like a choad smoker.

  11. sasha

    i love how all these older people are commenting on justin thinking he is high as” fuck” yet their teen kids are doing far worse . LOL

  12. Would somebody please put a shirt on this little creep? I can’t stand to look at him.

    • Burt

      He’s so obviously been coached to go for the “Marky Mark look”, but he’s too lazy to put the necessary time in the gym.

  13. Oooo…..a teenaged boy who’s high! /sarcasm

  14. kery

    He is a brat I don’t see any similarity with Marky ’cause Mark is a real man ; )

  15. Or

    I bet they sold him dried oregano.

  16. Jazzy Jeff

    Justine looks gay as fuck.

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