Justin Bieber Got Another Jesus Tattoo

January 6th, 2012 // 49 Comments
Inking The Maple Christ
Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo
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“Oh, shit, am I below camo shorts? Pssh. 2007 called, Justin.”

Because tattooing Jesus’ name in Hebrew on his rib cage apparently wasn’t enough, Justin Bieber now has the face of everyone’s favorite socialist hippie/ironic mascot of modern conservatism tattooed on his calf. Because if there’s one thing Jesus’ eyes should see as they turn upward on the cross, it’s a smooth, creamy field of Maple ass-cheeks. (Pants a little tight, Usher?) Had that been in The Bible, I’m pretty sure The Crucifixion Story would’ve gone a lot differently. “Father, why have you forsaken- ooh, helllooooooo. Nobody pull me down from here.”

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  1. *First* Jesus looks sad, like he wants the Father to come take him away.

  2. Dude of Dudes

    The face on that tat seems to be saying “Im pretty sure I gave men testicles. What’s up with the vag? And why does the difficult brown look so much larger than normal?”

  3. who cares

    Why the hell is he getting Jesus tattooed all over himself! Seriously! That is so stupid!

  4. Jammies

    Jesus likes the upskirt as much as the next guy.

  5. Venom

    So Jesus has to sit there and watch him get banged in the ass by Usher or whoever for the rest of his life? Awesome…Bieber is such a tool.

  6. I’m just going to put this out there – this isn’t any stupider than the shitload of tats that every half-witted celebrity is getting.

    • intravenus milo

      oooh…awesome comment! it isn’t any stupider…but it’s mighty stupid, like all of them…and I could be wrong, but isn’t there something in the Bible about the body being a temple and shouldn’t be defiled?? blasphemy while feigning holiness…always nice
      if any of these pussy-ass celebs really wanna be edgy [looking YOUR way, russell brand] – how about a tat of muhammed on the shitter or somethin?? c’mon people, grow a fuckin pair

      • Jim Jones

        There’s something in the Bible about just about everything, including the proper way to beat your slaves, when it’s ok to dash your kid’s head with rocks, and being prideful is the equivalent of being gay (both are considered “abominations”).

    • Since when did stupider become a word? Just putting it out there.

  7. whiskeyafternoon

    what a cockstain. Jesus loves calf tattoos.

  8. Those camo pants have 15 billion pockets but he still carries his phone and keys in his hand.

  9. Sizzle


  10. Justin’s next move is to open his own “church” and make Selena wear makeup and dress like Tammy Faye Baker. That way he can earn money for himself AND Jesus.

  11. tumble weed

    mohammed ali will be next.
    …….ON HIS UPPER LIP, folks!!

  12. Johnny P!

    Trying to be All Things To All People:
    Little white Canadian boy from privileged background in idyllic rural town crossing over to become American Hip-Hop/R&B/and soon to be Rap star.
    Photographed kissing Selena and ogling her creamy caffe latte mounds while under Usher’s “tutelage”.
    Appealing to the Dems “Ahh, he’s just a nice, clean-cut kid!” and to the Republicans “Abortion is Murder. I can’t name well-known geographical regions of the world. I have a Jesus Tattoo!”
    To the Christians “I LOVE Jesus so much he’s on my calf for, like, LIFE, eh!” and to the Jews “But I got his name in Hebrew on my ribs, y’all!”
    One day he’s going to be called on it, and have to express a real, non-album selling view… and that’s when the ‘House Of Bieber’ will collapse.
    Can’t wait…!

  13. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Necklace
    Commented on this photo:

    Unfortunately, this one actually has to witness the Difficult Brown in action.

  14. Drew

    Jesus tattoos are one of the cutest forms of irony.

  15. It's the kimkim, bitches

    I like how Jesus appears to be rolling his eyes at this fuckin kid. I know, Jesus. I’m not in the mood for this shit today either. Now, about the apocalypse…

  16. Donald Trump

    Is it wrong of me to want to bang this dude in the worst, demeaning way possible, and send him crying back to his trailer trash daddy?

  17. People getting this particular tattoo never seem to be aware that they’re wearing Jesus making the ultimate “Bitch Please” face on their bodies forever.

  18. Satan's bitch

    But when is Jebus going to teach Bieby baby to pull up his goddam pants?

  19. Even Jesus looks exasperated.

  20. cc

    He put that tattoo where it is because he doesn’t want Jesus to see him doing nasty things to Selena’s sweet latina ass.

  21. Devilsrain

    Yea take that Jesus!!!!

    Actually wasn’t he punished enough?

  22. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Necklace
    Commented on this photo:

    “Wait, is that Justin’s ass up there? That whole Crucifixion thing, totally worth it now!”

  23. Sorta looks like a Zombie Jesus, but that’s redundant.

  24. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Necklace
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, that is going to be soooo bad when (if) he grows. Imagine it all stretched…..

  25. cc

    I hear the neighbors complain about he and Selena being loud … they keep hearing ‘Let Jesus fuck you, let Jesus fuck you!!!’

  26. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Necklace
    Commented on this photo:

    Even Jesus is rolling his eyes.

  27. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Necklace
    Buddy the Elf
    Commented on this photo:

    Who the hell eats at SHAKEYS PIZZA?

  28. Lord Invader

    Selena must have vetoed the tramp stamp. The difficult brown becomes impossible when your strap-on keeps going limp.

  29. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Necklace
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy Shit, who cares about this useless like twerp, why is his life so important?? Let’s see some stories on REAL people like people in the Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines! You stupid Hollywood assholes need to get a fucking clue as to who counts in this world and it sure ain’t this young punk. Damn!!

  30. Gigos

    Three religious tattoos, one for after every time he and Selena banged

  31. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Necklace
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    Yeah you jerks, why is this celebrity news site full of celebrities and not our troops in iraq! For shame!

  32. Precious

    That’s not how the messiyah Yahoshua looked but whateva

  33. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo Necklace
    Commented on this photo:

    first of all…i think that if you’re gonna put some celebrities pictures on here…you might as well get their names right….its BIEBER…by the way…

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