Justin Bieber Got Burned By Topanga

June 4th, 2013 // 49 Comments

“Goddammit, Jennifer Love Hewitt. For the last time, he won’t marry you.”

Here’s Justin Bieber at last night’s Game 7 in Miami where not only did get he booed after his face was shown on the Jumbotron, but he also got burned by Topanga for his stupid, front-running hat. And if you have no idea what a Topanga is, why aren’t you in school? This is a grown-up site where we talk about serious, grown-up things, so shoo, scram. I’m not explaining myself to another PTA. You hear me, Hansen!


It’s no Olivia Wilde, but it’ll do, pig. It’ll do.

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  1. ruckus

    Although I could be wrong, I believe he is wearing a combination safety helmet / baseball cap.


  2. JC

    I get that one man’s fashion is another man’s ridiculous outfit, but why would you hear a hat that makes you look like you’re suffering from extreme encephalitis? It would be like wearing a shirt that’s been made to look like a horrible rash.

  3. Topanga…so so very hot!

    Fred and Ben Savage did very well for themselves in regards to their tv girlfriends.

  4. EricLR

    Well, at least his stick-on tattoos are pretty bad-ass.

  5. I would’ve tweeted: “Looks like my Jiffy Pop is almost ready!”

  6. Randal

    No matter the venue, Justin continues to look mean and badass, the soft growl from this tiger tattoo helps to keep trouble at bay. Gold chains he paid the iron for, dangle across his leathers, buttoned fully to hide the muscles girls would swarm him for.

    No doubt he partied with the Heat like it was 3012 after their big Game 7 victory.


  7. What a fucken twat ! Ohhh I’m goping to cry they fucken hate me ,even my GF. Uncanny resemblance but the Dog isn’t an Asshole!

  8. I think they are doing a live action Flintstones movie and he is auditioning for the Great Gazoo


  9. Holy Shit! It’s Toad from Mario Bros!! The Princess is in another castle…

  10. stinkfinger

    That hat is nicer than whatever hotel curtin the guy to his left is wearing. Beeb’s is smart – it’s all about the company you keep.

  11. Justin Bieber Game 7 Miami Heat
    Commented on this photo:

    Bwahahaha, go cry now lil’ ganstah boy :D

  12. Putting tats on Bieber is like painting flames on a 1998 Geo Metro. Although at least with the Metro, there would be some sense of irony.

  13. Linda

    So sad that Bieber has become a running joke. As a Canadian, I beg the United States to adopt him and take him off our hands!

  14. Justin Bieber Game 7 Miami Heat
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    Can someone please have him humanely put to sleep?

  15. Such a swelled head needs a comically oversized hat.

  16. cc

    That girl only agreed to go with him if he got her out of hospital.

  17. melvin.anderson@ns.sympatico.ca

    Some people cannot wear hats and he is one of them.
    He looks like a little boy wearing his daddy’s baseball hat.
    He has some serious growing up to do

  18. Justin Bieber Game 7 Miami Heat
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    Never a good sign when you’re a multi-millionaire and your date friend-zones your ass by crossing her arms and laughs.

  19. Justin Bieber Game 7 Miami Heat
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    “Having a Sunny Delight sounds so gangsta right now…”

  20. Edward Elizabeth Hitler

    Yeah dawg, he’s been to Jane & Finch in Toronto! He’s a real gansta badass from the hood! And then his mommy took him for a Big Slice and a ride on the subway so he really got his gang cred.

  21. Justin Bieber Game 7 Miami Heat
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    How can his security guard enjoy the game when all he can think about is strangling him with those fake gangster chains.

  22. Justin Bieber Game 7 Miami Heat
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    Isn’t that guard blocking everyone elses view?

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      Those whose view was blocked were the lucky ones. Shitty basketball doesn’t deserve an audience.

  23. Justin Bieber Game 7 Miami Heat
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    Please nothing hit me in the back of my head….

    Please nothing hit me in the back of my head…

  24. anonymous

    There’s so much douche sitting next to that girl she should be happy and smelling fresh.

  25. Sheppy

    I note he now has a tiger tat to complement his owl one.

    How sweet.

  26. crb

    I had always just assumed “Topanga” was indigenous Brazilian aboriginal for “Ladytown”.

  27. Steve-o

    I hate these douchey kids wearing their hats with the bill straight like that…not to defend his gayass tats but we all have those regrettable tattoos when we were younger, my case in point: the Mandalorian symbol…though Boba Fett is a hell of a lot cooler than a Tiger or Owl…oh, and f*** his crappy music…Queens of the Stone Age dropped a new album today…booyah!

  28. Steve-o

    And for you age-challenged individuals, Topanga is the name of the main characters love interest on the 90′s show Boy Meets World

  29. o0

    She’s so butch.

  30. dee cee

    . Their tagline is “No Matter Where You’re At, Wear a Hat!”

  31. The Biebs is too cool for school and pretty much everything else.

  32. Vlad

    Be vewy vewy quiet…I’m hunting wabbits

  33. my god he is such a douche. looking at him makes me sick

  34. Justin Bieber Game 7 Miami Heat
    374-Cody Gilmore
    Commented on this photo:

    Too bad the heat lost NBA Final game #1, they’re having quite hang over from Game 7 againist Pacers.

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