Your Family Being Torn Apart By Addiction Gives Justin Bieber The LOLZ

Intervention is an award-winning reality series depicting real life struggles with addictions that are tearing families apart and the emotional torment that comes with it. So naturally those tears are Justin Bieber’s food because when you’re alone in your crib waiting for Selena Gomez to decide if she’ll have sex with you in a luxury hotel again, you need something to eat like the pain and suffering of the less fortunate. Kid’s going to make a great Republican senator someday.

Here’s Justin watching “The FUNNIEST cry ever” on YouTube which is a clip from Intervention of a son pouring out his heart to his crack-addicted father because HA HA, black people cry funny!

And now here’s Justin Bieber doing a reenactment while safe and comfy in his rich white boy mansion:

Except it gets even better because check out all the comments racking up on the YouTube video, and then try and stop yourself from wishing Al Qaeda would start attacking American malls after high schools let out. (Psst. I left a cache of guns next to Cinnabon. Allahu Akbar!)

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