Your Family Being Torn Apart By Addiction Gives Justin Bieber The LOLZ

September 25th, 2013 // 59 Comments
Justin Bieber

Intervention is an award-winning reality series depicting real life struggles with addictions that are tearing families apart and the emotional torment that comes with it. So naturally those tears are Justin Bieber‘s food because when you’re alone in your crib waiting for Selena Gomez to decide if she’ll have sex with you in a luxury hotel again, you need something to eat like the pain and suffering of the less fortunate. Kid’s going to make a great Republican senator someday.

Here’s Justin watching “The FUNNIEST cry ever” on YouTube which is a clip from Intervention of a son pouring out his heart to his crack-addicted father because HA HA, black people cry funny!

And now here’s Justin Bieber doing a reenactment while safe and comfy in his rich white boy mansion:

Except it gets even better because check out all the comments racking up on the YouTube video, and then try and stop yourself from wishing Al Qaeda would start attacking American malls after high schools let out. (Psst. I left a cache of guns next to Cinnabon. Allahu Akbar!)

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  1. caley

    Oh come on, if this was Robert Downey Jr doing it, you’d be talking about it being the greatest thing ever.

  2. j-money

    Robert Downey Jr. wouldn’t take a cheap shot like that, because he ain’t cheap.

    (and by the way, that episode of Intervention is very powerful. The Cry always gets made fun of (by bitch-idiots) but it was very real)

  3. Justin Beiber is a cunt. Plain and simple.

  4. Frank The Tank

    The fact of the matter is this kid is a rich moron surrounded by a bunch of sponges recieving little to no parental guidance. Not sure of his political aspirations, but entertainers are typically liberal democrats, no?

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Britney Spears, Kelsey Grammer, Sylvester Stallone, Gloria Estefan, Clint Eastwood’s chair, Drew Carey, Ben Stein, Bo Derek, Jenna Jameson, Scott Baio, Jon Voight, Patricia Heaton, Stephen Baldwin, and the Nuge, to name a few. So no, but thanks for the stereotype. Next thing you’re going to tell us is that they’re typically Jewish, ’cause, you know, they own the media and all…

      • Brian

        Meh, I’d still say Frank the Tank is right. All he said was “typically democrat”, and despite your examples, I’d say that’s overwhelmingly true. Hell, you can whiddle your list down considerably by changing it to conservative celebrities who are still relevant. I mean really, if you had to guess what percentage of the celebrity community vote Dem, it’d probably be comparable with university professors, prison inmates, wealthy San Franciscans, gossip bloggers, etc. I would guess BARE MINIMUM 70 percent are liberal. That would make constitute typicality in my book.

      • catapostrophe

        Wait a second. Is anyone implying there’s a difference between Republicans and Democrats, or are you just havin’ a laugh?

      • If you’re LGBT, in poverty, or just generally not-white, there is a fairly significant difference between the two parties. Granted, the difference isn’t as big as I’d like, but it’s certainly a difference.

      • Jordan N.

        I would say you’re 90% wrong. See? Anyone can pull BS statistics out of their ass. And what does this have anything to do with Justin Bieber being an asshole and making fun of a family’s suffering?

      • You’re right about your list, and I could think of a few more (Kevin Costner, Ron Silver for example), but the truth is we remember those names because they are in the minority. By a huge margin. Hollywood is largely liberal and democrat. That isn’t an attack. It just is what it is.

    • JC

      Since the little knob is Canadian, I have no idea how American political parties have fuck all to do with this. It’s like trying to insult me, a U.S. citizen, by saying I’m a Tory.

      • Frank The Tank

        JC, you hit the nail on the head with the little bastard being Canadian. Brian’s point is well made as well with none of pavement’s examples being relevant. Personally, I don’t think stereotypes are healthy regardless of political affiliation, race, creed, etc. Nuff said, bring on more Joanna Krupa pics!

  5. pigeonrat

    JB seems like such a chill dood.

  6. The real story here is that there’s WAYYYY funnier episodes of Intervention.

    • Deacon Jones

      Dust off inhaler girl, anyone?

      • AWOL

        Nope. Jimbo, the guy who fell asleep on the train tracks and the train cut off his leg.
        You can’t make that up.

      • j/k

        Dust-off Girl FTW. “Walking on sunshine” was funny and not mocking someone’s pain. She also turned out pretty attractive when she got off the stuff.

        The crazy prostitution story from the cough medicine kid became hilarious with his hindsight, “That was not good idea. Not a good idea at all.”

  7. Smart entertainers are typically liberals, yes.

    People like Bieber or Ron Howard’s ugly brother or Cliff from Cheers are conservatives.

  8. some black dude

    he’s a stupid kid doing stupid shit. we all were stupid kids once. if we were giving millions and power at that point in our lives, there but for the grace of God go we. ease up on the kid

    • I agree with you to a certain point… Then he has to grow up and stop being such a twat. There are some very young and DECENT people in the entertainment business (ex. Jennifer Lawrence) who have insane amounts of money and influence but have not been such douchebags on the scale of what we’ve seen recently from JB.

      But I agree, I hate to think of what a dickbag I might have turned into had I had all the money/power etc this kid has.

  9. Dear God I hope Heisenberg uses the ricin on this punk.

  10. He needs to bend over and let his dad “pound dat ass”.

  11. Who cares. I hate Bieber, but that shit is funny.
    Fuck those people.
    They only deserve to be laughed at, putting themselves on tv for attention and maybe some fame, you know the retarded american dream.
    Keep up the good work Biebs and fuck all the PC fags.

  12. Bryan

    Selena gets less and less hot every time I remember that she’s going out with this entitled douchebag.

  13. Shawn

    this is the closest i’ve ever come to liking justin bieber. weird.

  14. mike

    Don’t get me wrong, Bieber is a gigantic douche. However I have never seen anyone able to watch that clip and not bust out laughing.

  15. Tomahawk Holmes

    I’ve been harassing these bieber fan idiots on Youtube

    easy targets

  16. Godot Howard

    SNL parodied the way this person cried as well in the episode hosted by Don Draper (I can’t remember dude’s real name at the moment). And yeah, that cry was hilarious.

  17. this little douchebag shouldnt make fun of others since hes already the next vanilla ice.

  18. Mike Walker

    > check out all the comments racking up on the YouTube video, and then
    > try and stop yourself from wishing Al Qaeda would start attacking

    • Mike Walker

      >HA HA, black people cry funny
      >doing a reenactment while safe and comfy in his rich white boy mansion

      The irony is that the guy who posted the video is a brown skinned guy
      named Khaled Medhat

  19. Inner Retard

    Read some of the YouTube comments. Did someone put up a “No swimming after 1990″ sign? Because, Gentlemen, the gene pool is officially empty.

  20. you're all fucking idiots.

    oh for the love of god, the youtube video it’s self is titled under “the funniest cry” people LAUGH at it, everybody has seen that video has LAUGHED at it because it’s FUNNY, nobody cares about the story behind the cry all anybody gives a fuck about is the fact when the guy begins to cry it is fucking hysterical. Now, if Justin Bieber cannot find something amusing without the entire world jumping on his dick and acting like he’s murdered a puppy then there is something wrong with society.

    • Shawn

      You sound like kind of a fucking tool yourself Einstein. Taking pleasure in the misery of others makes Bieber and you and all those other young inbred wastes of flesh a bunch of scumbags.
      I hope you grow up someday and realize that other people have value and until you give them the respect they deserve just from being a brother or sister human you don’t deserve the amount of respect I give a painful squirt out of my anus.
      Best wishes.

    • There are all kinds of mean spirited things on YouTube people devoid of souls laugh at. There were terrorist propaganda videos on YouTube. There is all kinds of awful crap on there. You make a very weak, pathetic actually, argument. I could, however, imagine myself falling into the pitfall of finding enjoyment of someone else’s suffering posted to a video site. Your’s and Bieber’s for example. How about this, the next time you lose a loved one post your blubbery reaction for all of us to see. If we all laugh at you for not losing control of your emotions in a “cool” way, then I will retract my statements.

  21. ivan

    Can’t this kid ever even have fun without moronic gossip columnists and their dumb readers leaving him alone? Are they so starved for scandals that you have to stoop so low to bully a kid over nothing? How about reports for once on the positive things he does?

    • Jordan N.

      Since he is a celebrity who is constantly doing what he can to stay in the media’s eye, I’d say no. Besides which, he posted this for all his fans. This is the furthest thing from a private moment.

      • This little asshole Bieber has chosen to work in an industry that keeps him in the public eye, and because of that he needs to be vigilant about issues that will paint him negatively. My stepfather was a well known TV celebrity in this neck of the woods and his contracts carried morality clauses. Bieber is lucky he doesn’t have to deal with such a thing, so he should monitor himself — or have Mommy do it.

    • Ivan, you need to find a far more worthy and noble cause to put your passions into rather than this self involved, pampered and ignorant spec of crap. As for your dumbass comment, if he’d like to not be judged for his actions by the public, then he should STOP POSTING HIS STUPID ACTIONS FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE. Get your tongue out of whatever life doll you’ve dressed up to look like Justin Bieber and get in touch with the world and reality.

  22. Shawn

    Thankfully the internet, never, ever, ever forgets because one of these days after Biebers star has fallen and he’s run through all that money and has his own drug addiction story going on he’ll cry out “Save me” and the world will say “No!” (Q Rorschach voice).

  23. Max

    “Psst. I left a cache of guns next to Cinnabon. Allahu Akbar!”

    You write a lot of funny shit, but that was amazing.

  24. Joe Blow

    Bieber’s asshole getting torn apart by a giant black dick gives me the LOLZ

  25. My personal hatred for this little bitch is becoming an actual entity.

  26. Why pay attention to this lowlife, no-talent piece of shit. Moving on.

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