Justin Bieber Falling Through A Trap Door Is What America Needs Now

Another week, another mass shooting that we’ll do absolutely cock-shit about, then act all surprised when a new one happens in 45 minutes. So until the next batch of us eats an insane amount of bullets because somebody’s imaginary friend doesn’t like how people do the sex (or he got rejected by a girl because it’s always a he), here’s Justin Bieber falling through a trap door to remind you that life still has moments of beauty and splendor. Like that other video where he got his ass beat because every time this kid bites it, it’s like catching a glimpse of a unicorn fucking a mermaid. (Or merman. #NOH8) Cherish it.

UPDATE: The original got pulled, but here’s a new one that’s still so glorious I don’t even care if it’s from Perez.

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Photo: Getty