Justin Bieber Egged His Neighbor’s House

January 10th, 2014 // 24 Comments
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If you only follow Justin Bieber‘s Instgram, you’d see the above photo of him from eight hours ago that shows a nice, friendly pop star posing with a sweet little girl. It’s downright wholesome, and I’m sure has absolutely nothing to do with him getting caught last night egging the house of the neighbor who tells him to slow down in his Ferrari before he runs over a kid. Pure coincidence. TMZ reports:

We’ve just obtained video of the incident … shot by the neighbor, who says Justin was definitely trespassing on his property during the attack. The video is dark, but you can hear the neighbor yelling, “I see you. I f**king see you!”
Then Justin yells back, “F**k you! I got another one for you, actually!”
They keep yelling back and forth for about 30 seconds, until the neighbor tells his 13-year-old daughter — who sounds terrified — to call the cops.

In Justin Bieber’s defense, he has been banging Selena Gomez again which would definitely give me an overdose of confidence. Although, I’m pretty sure I’d do something more badass than throwing eggs at my neighbor’s house. Like spitting in the face of God. Or serving Gwyneth Paltrow canned cheese. Hardcore shit.

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  1. What an ass. Please go die in a fire.

    • Randal

      There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye, that’s for sure. No doubt, the neighbor crossed the line at some point, and Justin just had enough. When neighbors are a thorn in one’s side, being polite only goes so far, before you’ve got to give it right back.

      Good for you Justin! If you don’t stick up for yourself, people will walk all over you the rest of your life. This guy clearly had it coming.


  2. What an obnoxious, little cunt. It’s not even Halloween.

  3. He is lucky he was not somewhere like Texas or Alabama, there would be about 12 bullet holes in that little asshole right now. Shame.

  4. Zimmerman is never around when you need him.

  5. cc

    My nephew is about the same age. If you all chip in, I’ll hire him to fly to California and lay a fucking beat down on Bieber.

  6. HOLY SHIT, look at his attempted mustache. LOOK AT IT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. I wonder if he used organic, free range eggs….

  8. look at the 7 wispy hairs on his lip, is that supposed to be a moustache?


    Someone really needs to lay a serious beating on this autotuned cunt. And remind him he didn’t grow up “in the hood,” but in WHITE MIDDLE CLASS BORING-ASS ONTARIO. He probably only saw Jane and Finch on the TV news during Caribana.

    I keep hoping that all these Yoyoyoyoyo boys he “hangs” with are just setting him up to be the biggest joke since Vanilla Ice.

    Yo boy #1: “Snort! Now watch, we’ll get him to make the Kanye ‘serious face’ for the next photo shoot!”
    Yo boy #2: “Haha! He fell for the ‘go get a Bloods tattoo’ gag!”
    Yo boy #1: “Fuckin white boy.”

  10. poop

    he’d be overconfident about fucking a girl that looks like she could his little sister?

  11. Minky Wail

    His own eggs, right? The ones in his ovaries?

  12. Whoever

    Maybe he just wanted to be punished… By Selena…

  13. eyyooguise

    Don’t you hate it when lesbians grow their facial hair? It’s like, what statement are you trying to make here? Are you trying to other lesbians or middle aged married men?

  14. Selena Gomez Legs Slit Dress See Through Top VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh yeahhhh…..save me a HOT WHIFF of the SEAT!!! :-D

  15. Margaret

    This dull clod is going to give us a lot to laugh at by the time he is 25. And by 30 it’s going to be hilariously over for him. Dinner theater, Six FLags concerts. Reality shows. Jail. Just sit back and relax. His most ardent “fans” will be too old for his shit in about a year, and then we can all watch the wreck.

  16. GhostofLeifGarrett

    When you are 19 and all the mustache you can come up with is putting mascara on some peach fuzz, no wonder you act like a 9 year old girl – Justin has no testosterone, I just saw a photo of his calves and he doesn’t have any. Selena Gomez has more meat on her calves that poor Justin. He’s acting out because basically he’s a pre pubescent girl, he’ll be fine once he starts his period. Oh, wait…

  17. Selena Gomez Legs Slit Dress See Through Top VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    tru dat

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