Justin Bieber’s Trying To Kill Himself

“A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Justin Bieber, a young loner on a crusade, to pop and lock the cause of the innocent, the boyfriend-less, the swagger-less. In a world of celebrities who operate above the law… Douche Rider.”

Here’s Justin Bieber riding – and standing – on his Ducati yesterday afternoon after getting pulled over for tooling around in his Ferrari the day before because he’s clearly lost the will to live. Which is a normal reaction to being an 18-year-old hornball who can’t decide which hot chick to bang at his convenience. Christ, at that age, I only had to worry about getting into college, working a full-time job to pay for it and figuring out how to guilt my girlfriend into giving me a handjob while her mom’s at the grocery store. He’s practically in a prison.

Photos: Fame/Flynet