Justin Bieber Crashed A Log Cabin Republicans Meeting

Posted by Photo Boy

Before a story involving Justin Bieber mentioned them by name, I had no idea what the hell a Log Cabin Republican was, which yes, is the most depressing thing I’ve ever admitted about myself. I’m willing to bet, however, that a few of you out there are also preoccupied with more pressing matters like watching No Good Deed, then wondering if volunteering is really as fulfilling as it seems like it would be, so for you ignoramuses like me, the Log Cabin Republicans are a LGBT advocacy group that also believe in strong conservative principles. In that way, they’re like Jews For Jesus, or battered women who keep going back to their abuser. Anyway, during their meeting at what is apparently Bieber’s favorite restaurant, he showed up with a group of girls and decided not to leave, because fuck other people and their plans. Via TMZ:

Justin and his crew were undaunted and just walked into The Attic, sat in the back and ordered chicken wings as the group discussed gay rights in the Republican ranks.

Don’t get me wrong, the focus of this post should be that Bieber is a spoiled prick who does whatever he wants all the time and gets away with it, but I can’t get over the whole supporting LGBT rights and being Republican thing. Is there a Rape Survivors For Bill Cosby group out there, because that would make more sense to me at this point.

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