Justin Bieber Totally Collapsed, You Guys

March 8th, 2013 // 38 Comments
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What you’re looking at is Justin Bieber in the hospital after he “collapsed” at the O2 Arena last night, yet still managed to finish his show, pose his pube bone for Instagram and announce he’ll be performing tonight, according to E! News. All of which I’m sure has nothing to do with him going on stage two hours late Tuesday night and being booed by his own fans. He super loves his fans, you guys, and would do anything for him even if he’s totally dying. See? Look how sexy he is for you in a hospital bed. Why you gotta ruin that by making him be responsible? That’s an un-happy trail, girl.

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  1. karlito

    FAKER!!!! this is just a stunt to gain sympathy because of all the hate he’s been getting lately. dickhead!!!

    • Randal

      Justin’s a high octane entertainer, traveling the world day after day and expected to perform at a peak level with little to no rest between shows. There’s just too much Bieber demand from millions of fans he doesn’t want to let down, but there comes a time when enough’s enough.

      Take some time and rest your soul, brother, stay on the low down and relax. We only have one body, treat it well and with respect!


  2. Unhappy trail. LOL! Good job sniffing out that piece of bullshit he’s trying to pull on his fans, Fish.

  3. Justin Bieber Hospital
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m feelin’ that tat on his forearm. The chi-square test is the best test in statistics ever, yo!

  4. imagen

    OH EM GEE! I totes want him to die.

  5. Which drug do we suppose it was?

  6. Mitch

    Way a little douche. I hope he dies.

  7. in London, if you wear the whole hospital gown, they just don’t treat you. i hope this kid gets run over by a bus.

  8. BB

    Was he wearing that electro-shock therapy headset when the ‘collapse’ happened, because my guess is that might have potentially had something to do with it. It’s good to see Justin being such a little trouper, what an inspiration

  9. Justin Bieber Hospital
    Toe Jam
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    The exact moment when tattoos stop being cool and edgy.

  10. Inner Retard

    I would pay serious money to drug him up so he can’t move then make him listen to Selena talking about how small his dick is on a looped tape.

  11. AIDS. It’s always AIDS.

  12. Sweet wood paneling at the hospital.

  13. logan

    Hair, done. Makeup, done. Tats showing, done. Hospital gown off, done. Tidy whities showing, done. Hand placed just so, done. Wait I need head phones, done. I do it all for my fans. He needs to call Lohan fast. Will turn this child into a man (granted a man with more problems than he has now) before you know it. IDIOT

  14. this is “collapsing on stage”? what a fucking asswipe.


  15. Buddy The Elf


    I’m thinking the word was invented for this lamer.
    There have been those in the past who have earned the moniker, but I am now convinced it’s the perfect word for him whenever I read or hear anything about him.

    In fact, I’ll bet he even smells like vinegar.

  16. sc4play

    I really cannot stomach the Flock of Seagulls-ish hair. Can we cut it off at the neck? Please??

  17. I shall call him… Massengill.

  18. pokeygumby

    the tiny crappy tattoos interspersed over his body really come together to make the washed up child star we all know he’s going to be

  19. CuriousTroll

    Fucking Vanilla Ice wannabe douche bag.

  20. Justin Bieber Hospital
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    what a twink.

  21. Burt

    You get abs from working out. He’s just skinny.

  22. Justin Bieber Hospital
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    I bet he’s listening to his own shitty music on those headphones.

  23. Justin Bieber Hospital
    Throb the Wonder Mule
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    It’s good they have a gynecologist on call so she wasn’t terminally injured. TOO much sperm swallowed does not keep you hydrated it seems……..

  24. Justin Bieber Hospital
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    Are those lace panties?

  25. jr

    i so want to hate…but he looks hot

  26. Justin Bieber Hospital
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    Lol. Fish nailed it.

  27. Chuck Bass

    what kind of guy has hairless armpits? Oh yeah – a shaved pussy!

  28. joanna harris

    i feel bad what happend??……….. but you do look hot with them tattos

  29. joanna harris

    amin tattoos

  30. Justin Bieber Hospital
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    get more sex

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