The Police Are Telling Justin Bieber’s Neighbors To Place Him Under Citizen’s Arrest

July 23rd, 2014 // 15 Comments
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After being called to Justin Bieber‘s Beverly Hills condo six times over the weekend for noise violations from the parties he threw on both Saturday and Sunday night, the police have basically just said “fuck it” and are telling his neighbors to place him under citizen’s arrest if he does anymore stupid shit. TMZ reports:

People in the building tell TMZ … the hallways and elevators reeked of pot. And several guests say drug use was obvious.
One person says, “There were bimbos lining up to do drugs in the lobby bathroom.”
Law enforcement sources tell us … cops have spoken to residents, Bieber and his management to resolve the situation.
We’re told police informed residents cops can’t make an arrest for a misdemeanor if they don’t see it happen … but the residents can take matters into their own hands by placing Bieber under arrest.

In the meantime, I’ve taken the liberty of starting a GoFundMe account to get George Zimmerman moved into Justin Bieber’s building. That should clear this right up provided we all swallow our pride and admit that Justin Bieber’s right: He is the hardest, blackest rapper that ever lived. Black as night.

Photos: RMBI SPOT / Vantagenews / AKM-GSI


  1. Oh that Justine Beaver, she’s as bad as LiLo

  2. JC

    I’m assuming that “citizen’s arrest” is LAPD speak for “savage beating with a sack full of door knobs?” In which case, I approve.

  3. Short Round

    As fucked up as the laws of the land are if they actually tried a citizen’s arrest the police would probably arrest them for violating Bieber’s rights.

  4. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    If tazers and billy clubs are part of the deal, we’re in.

    Us, and the rest of North America.

  5. Justin Bieber Colorful Sweater Gold Chain Leather Apron Fedora
    Commented on this photo:

    Do they ALL go to the same eyebrow person???


    says a lot when even the police are trying just to avoid paying attention to him.

  7. Your GoFundMe comment is going to get Usher killed.

  8. cc

    I’d settle for watching him getting hit with bear mace.

  9. The police should just start handing out bats and boards with nails through them whenever they talk to Bieber’s neighbors.

  10. tiredguy

    The Zimmerman thing:

    Gold. Pure Gold sir.

  11. Red Pants


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