Justin Bieber Caught With Another Girl, Flips Off Paparazzi

November 15th, 2011 // 128 Comments
Mistress #1: Macarena
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Here’s Justin Bieber forsaking his divine maple lineage by flipping off the paparazzi in London last night after being photographed with a young blonde who’s definitely not Selena Gomez. Which is a pretty shitty move considering she stood by him while he got slapped with his first paternity suit. I’d go further and say he’s probably looking at another one, but his Maple-qaeda fanbase are pretty sensitive, and I don’t need a dirty bomb made out of Trapper Keepers and bubble gum blowing my goddamn face off. So on that note, this is clearly Justin Bieber’s wedding planner because he’s going to marry each and every one of his Twitter followers. No foolin’. (Please don’t stab me at the mall.)

Photo: Flynet


  1. Donald Trump

    Is this dude 18 yet? I really want to bang him.

  2. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    Grandma, what large hands you have…

  3. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    I see a guy. I see a girl. I see a guy sitting with a group of people, not including that girl. I don’t see see the guy and girl ever together. I don’t see the point of this story.

  4. I know it’s your first flip-off, but you kind of messed it up.

    • Mike

      How stupid is this idiot. If he’s going to cheat on Selena he has enough resources to do it behind closed doors.

      But no, he’s a total moron and he takes the girl to a public restaurant and then makes sure he flips off the Paps on the way out.

      Hopefully the Powerful Maple PR machine will finally allow a “sexier by the day” Selena to break up with this little kid before his 15 min of fame are over, and the 11 year olds stop buying his music on ITunes. Mark my words by this time next year it will be “Justin who?”

  5. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    Nah, he’s just throwing up a Christian gang sign, it supposed to look like a cross.

  6. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    Please don’t tell me acid washed jeans are back in. Ick.

  7. LJ

    He’ll tell Selena that it’s just oral, and doesn’t mean anything.

  8. Sorry, toots – he’s already unloaded his Johnson. For charity, no less.

  9. Justin Bieber Cheating
    Star Droppings
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    Shame on you, Faith Hill!

  10. Would you praise Jesus with that finger, little mister?

  11. He looks all kinds of tough and hardened.

  12. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    It’s probably his half sister or something.

  13. Justin Bieber Cheating
    Butt plugger
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    She has hands the size of Andre the Giant’s

  14. Drundel

    Chick isn’t half bad.

  15. Ikilledamanimvegas

    I didn’t know he was related to the Lohans…

  16. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    Apparently no one taught this little puke to take his hat off at the table. Classy.

  17. Lynx

    Is he too old for Jerry Sandusky?

  18. Venom

    Thank God, now Selena’s hot ass can get the fuck away from him. It is a disgrace that a woman that looks like that is dating this little bitch.

  19. Frank Burns

    Yet another headline that would benefit from adding “And Is A Scrotum” to the end. Come on people, this is the phrase that defines a new era of social/economic consciousness, a zeitgeist captured in four words, a tiny testicular mantra that encapsulates modern alienation and economic angst! Use it in everyday talk, write it on checks when paying bills, and ask your favorite holy man to use it during religious gatherings! And is a scrotum!

    • Richard McBeef

      Frank Burns is the messiah and is a scrotum.

    • Brian's mother

      He’s not the Messiah! He’s a very naughty boy! And a scrotum.

    • kimmykimkim

      I think I am going to write this on a check. Not that my handwriting is legible but I’ll get a giggle out of it. I know! I should have a stamp made. And is a scrotum.

      • Frank Burns

        Just a + sign and a crude drawing of a scrotum is sufficient as a ‘street art’ version

      • Richard McBeef

        who writes checks?

      • kimmykimkim

        I totally didn’t see that comment coming from approximately 1200 miles away, McBeef. Look, the stupid town I live in charges $5.00 in convenience charges to pay your utilities online and is a scrotum. But they also have a drop box outside of the city hall, so I drop my check there and get to keep my $5, which will probably go toward something stupid. Or weed.

  20. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    too funny!!

  21. Richard McBeef

    Do they still make trapper keepers? Those thangs were bad-ass. I had one with a Lambo on it.

  22. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    Acid wash jeans and she probably thinks her roots are attractive.

    Fuck I miss the 90′s.

  23. Justin Bieber Cheating
    adolf hitler
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  24. I wish I had a time machine. I’d go terminator & slip his mom the morning after pill or just kill his dad Samantha Ronsen.

  25. Someone needs to seriously beat the living shit out of this turd and tell him he is a scrotum! (Close enough, Frank?)

  26. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    That’s his sign when he wants Sandusky to visit him.

  27. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    There is no picture of them in the same car, or at the same table or with them together at all. In fact it looks like she might be sitting at another table with her back to JB in the restaurant. A bit too much of a jump Superficial, they probably were just eating at the same restaurant and never even met or anything.

  28. Is that the kind of gesture our religious schools are teaching our young people these days? They say it means “I fucking hate you, but God bless you anyway.”

    • jk

      It’s the paps fault, they snapped it before he could cross the two middle fingers in order to ward off those life sucking vampires.

  29. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    There is no picture of them in the same car, or at the same table or with them together at all. In fact it looks like she might be sitting at another table with her back to JB in the restaurant. A bit too much of a jump Superficial, they probably were just eating at the same restaurant and never even met or anything.

  30. Bieber, give it up… it’s a well-known fact that the Beastie Boys mastered the beatdown shot in their video for “So What’cha Want”. You suck.

  31. You shouldn’t let the mother of your baby see you like this.

  32. Carolyn

    Looks like he’s sitting in a nice restaurant wearing that dorky hat. Nothing like new money and no manners.

  33. Bilbo

    He better be careful flipping people off like that…if he pisses off the wrong 10 year old girl he’s gonna get his ass kicked.

  34. Coyote

    Uuooo he is one bad mama jama, watch me quake in my shoes

  35. Problem?

    Every time I see pictures of this little d*** flipping people off, I want to smack him so hard across the face. He puts me in the mind of one of those celebrities that has absolutely no appreciation for his fans, despite the fact that if it wasn’t for his rabid fanbase, he’d be just another miserable little shit.

  36. bob the banker

    He’s lucky they didn’t drag him out of the car and kick him senseless. Sad little boy has no idea.

  37. dontkillthemessenger

    He’s not fucking that girl. They were just taking a shower.

  38. Justin Bieber Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    FAKE BLONDE…blonde with borwn eyes and dark eyebrows look dumb.

  39. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    Take off your freakin’ hat the table! Jeez.

  40. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    So he likes blondes for cheating and brunettes for relationships?

  41. Justin Bieber Cheating
    the the
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    omg he cheated on selena with courtney stodden?

  42. cc

    The University of Douche offers early admission AND an accelerated program.

  43. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    is he doing the shocker with his other hand?.

  44. Anni Christ

    I fixed the headline picture. http://imgur.com/C2Ihw

  45. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    Take of your damn hat, assholes, it’s a nice restaurant!

  46. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    Come on, she doesn’t look that bad.

  47. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    Who would have though that he likes his girls noisy, undefined, and facing away from him. I bet one unsharp mask and he’d lose all interest.

  48. AC

    I wish I could teach MY puppy how to give someone the finger.

  49. i complain a lot

    lol @ Maple queda

  50. Justin Bieber Cheating
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    i’d rather do macarena whatsherface

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