Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez With A Chick Named ‘Macarena’

October 20th, 2011 // 148 Comments

Mommar Gadhafi was apparently killed this morning, but he didn’t cheat on Selena Gomez, so who gives a shit? This is Macarena Lemos, an Argentian model – I’m guessing for Arby’s. (That’ll hit you in a second.) – who claims she recently “met” with Justin Bieber in Buenos Aires, and I know what you’re thinking, Selena is way hotter, which is absolutely true. But think back to when you were a young, horny 17-year-old boy trying to stick your penis in just about anything (Actually that never goes away.) and then imagine that boy with a private jet and millions upon millions of dollars. It’s a miracle he doesn’t have a robot hooker butler because I’d have built 10 by now. “LotionTron 8000, your jumbo jugs/waffle makers are malfunctioning. Wrap your itself in a shower curtain and sit out by the curb.”

God, I need to get rich.

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  1. awe poor momar. just kidding, he was a douche. and this chick’s way hotter than selena. who btw had an awesum appearance on south park last nite :) fuckin magic!

  2. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    WHAO suddenly i have a TOE fetish :)))))

  3. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    You too can look this skinny if you wear spanks!

    • Cock Dr

      But only if you keep all your clothes on. Disrobing will destroy the illusion.
      So remember to dress & undress in the dark.

  4. biebersucks

    not sure selena is hotter. to me they look the same. i guess bieber has a type. that is until his type is dick.

  5. Justin Bieber Cheated Selena Gomez
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    pic 3 has good toe. face is whatev, but what ruins is it is that weird midriff hugging thing that belongs on jennifer love hewitt. 6.5/10

  6. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    pfff tiene alta cara de bolita esta mina… que asco, mira si justin va a cagar a la cuttie de Selena con ESTO!!!! //omg this girl with that bolivian face… what a shit, do you really think that justin could cheat on the cuttie of Selena with THIS!!!

  7. lame

    not getting the arby’s joke… at all. she’s way hotter than creepy baby-face selena

    • diego

      That would be reference to her ginormous pussy lips, which, when viewed sideways, resemble a roast beef sandwich. Hence, the Arby’s reference.

      And today you learned something

  8. Cadillac Jack

    Justin… this is the FIRST thing you’ve done that I like…

  9. Cock Dr

    Looking at these photos I can’t really blame the rich little douche for wanting to take a walk on the blonde side.
    Of course she could just be spreading these tales to get some publicity. Hey, it worked!

  10. maeby

    I DONT GET IT!!! Somebody explain the Arby’s thing.

  11. TheAdmiral

    She’s kinda got that stretched “cat-face” look that screams plastic surgery, it’s sorta creepy. Who’s that horrifying old woman that had a butt-load of surgery and look like that now? Like someone tanned her face? I don’t remember.

  12. Any Guy

    Selena Gomez hotter than this broad? on what planet?

  13. Adevon

    Yes I don’t get the Arby’s thing either. Can someone please explain? I thought about it but still don’t get it. It’s going to bother me until I do.

  14. Adevon

    And Selena is hotter. I know I am the minority here, but it’s true.

  15. Deacon Jones

    C’mon Fish…..

    Gomez is “girl I’d take home to mom” material.

    This chick is the kind that wakes you up with a morning blowjob then smokes a bowl with you.

  16. Joe

    She’s way hotter than Selena. And why would she sleep with that little twink? She used to date Lionel Messi.

  17. Wait, is the Arby’s thing supposed to mean that Arby’s is “Good Mood Food”, and if this girl used my semen as food, I’d be in a good mood?

  18. TheSledMan

    The Arby’s joke is referring to pic 3, she appears to have a large camel toe (i.e big meat curtains, roast beef, batwings etc. etc.)
    Regardless she’s way hotter then Selena. Check the later pics where she’s not wearing the tummy tuck thing.

  19. Zack

    So I guess “Macarena” is Spanish for “Toe of the Camel”?

  20. I’d like to do the macarena. If bieber was a real playa he woulda had a macaselena sandwich.

  21. meh

    Dunno about this, everything about Bieber is manufactured, why would he sleep with her? I doubt he even knows how to use his dick. There’s something else going on here, she’s probably after the free publicity.

  22. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    Her forehead looks like the surface of the moon. Do they not have Proactiv in Argentina? Sheesh, the least they could do is airbrush the poor girl.

  23. The gloves make her look like some kind of sexy proctologist, which seems appropriate for the Biebe

  24. maddox

    Not that this chick is anything special, but come on! Selena Gomez looks like a fkn 12 year old….PASS!

  25. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Her labia yearn to break free of the panty confines.
    That would have been distracting for any straight guys in the catwalk audience, but there weren’t any.

  26. gnarla

    I learn about Gaddafi’s death on the Superficial? I really need to get out more. Or read the news, I guess.

    • I read about it on the elevator. They have one of those news screens. Otherwise, I would have read it here. Seriously, why watch the news when you can get it here along with great comments!

    • kimmykimkim

      I learned it here too! But I just can’t start my day off with actual news, just can’t do it. Too depressing AND it makes me feel all sober-y. So fuck a bunch of that!

  27. cc

    Uh oh, he’s realized that when you are rich AND popular, you don’t have to settle for just one puta.

  28. BenDoverman

    This bitch looks like QaDaffy. Pass!

  29. Suddenly, I’m thinking Arby’s.

  30. TomFrank

    Is that a girdle? They need models for girdles?

  31. rican

    So Justing Beiber knows how to do Macarena.

  32. No rough, no glory!

    Where do I buy the “oh I have too much respect for your gf to bang you” passcard? I seriously need one of those..

  33. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    Great camel toe. She’s really young and this is SOoooo close to kiddy porn.

  34. Nickcoolman

    Explain the Arby’s joke…. and Selena is hotter

  35. Dan

    This girl has a cute little body. Did she bang Beiber? eh. don’t care.

    Enjoyed the photos though.

  36. MJB

    I like how his publicity team is consistent and always links him with Latin girls when he’s really a little twink. Yuck. This girl must really need the publicity if she wants to mentioned with a boy who probably doesn’t have pubic hair yet.

    • whateverever

      Right, she is not popular down here in Argentina.

      • MJB

        Of course not, she’s not lingerie model material. She has no ass and she kinda looks like a young Christina Applegate. Christina Applegate’s really cute but she’s no model.

      • In pictures she reminds me of a younger January Jones, in the video she does look like Applegate. She needs to watch it with the surgery though, her eyes already have that ‘pulled’ look.

  37. Justin Bieber Cheated Selena Gomez
    Commented on this photo:

    If this was true I´d change the title to “Jb Raped by an Agentinian model”

  38. HaHa

    Lesbian sex?

  39. Steelerchick

    Cheating? By cheating to you mean sex? Or a trip to McDonalds?

  40. Justin Bieber Cheated Selena Gomez
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like a broke ass Kelly Bundy

  41. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    ALL the models (or wanna be celebrities) in buenos aires claim to have an affair with any celebrity who came here, so i dont believe her

  42. Alex

    I’m from Argentina and I can tell you for sure this didn’t happen! This girl showed up a couple of months ago saying she was Lionel Messi’s ex girlfriend, from back when they were 14 or something, whatever! Who gives a shit!!! She is a fame whore and she’s just trying to grab attention from the media. It’s the new thing now, it has been for a couple of years, just say that you’ve slept with a celebrity, or a so called celeb, and you’ve made it! Stupid bitch.

    • MJB

      What!? You mean (wannabe) starf*cking famewhores are not just American phenomena?
      Not that anybody f*cked Biebling.

      • Alex

        No kidding, it’s an invasion. They go more for football (soccer for you) players though, Messi “slept” with half of them and he doesn’t even live here. Their main goal is to end up dancing in the local version of “Dancing with the stars” which is more about this so called stars fighting with the judges or among each other, showing up basically naked and trying to get the host of the show to drool over them; than the whole dancing in itself. Pathetic.

  43. Dri

    She’s not usher. clearly only gossip.

  44. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Bafoon Qwalitee
    Commented on this photo:

    So the Biebs dumps Dora the Explorer for this run of the mill slut? I still say Bieb is angling to enter Diego

  45. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s some toe to be proud of!

  46. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    “Before hooking up with Justin Beiber, I was barely getting by modeling Spanxs. Now I model for a nice man in his parents basement suite.”

  47. Justin Bieber Macarena Lemos
    Commented on this photo:

    She actually looks like a blonde Selena. That’s weird!

  48. pat

    Just FYI folks, if this woman didn’t have her hair all bleached out, she would look much more like Selena Gomez. Hello???? She is Latina too!!!!!

    • Jolene

      Argentina is a country who recived a lot of inmigrants from Europe during the second industry revolution and the first world war, so most of argentinian people are very european-like.

  49. Justin Bieber Cheated Selena Gomez
    Brad Hallston
    Commented on this photo:

    Justin Bieber has never had sex, come on. Where the pics of this chicks ass?

  50. Rob

    Yeah, Selena is hotter. I don’t get the Arby’s joke. And, people still watch South Park? I’m guessing that those same people should spring for a new futon in the basement, or at least lobby mom for the cash for a new one. Christ, why is every douchebag in the world listening to Tool while watching South Park like its the year 2000? Evolve people.

    • kimmykimkim

      Get out of that cave Rob! South Park has actually improved since 2000. I still watch it and I don’t even own a futon. I have a real bed and a real job. And if you don’t like it, you can just geeeeet out. See if only you had been keeping up with South Park. Now let’s go hit up a hecma bar!

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