Justin Bieber Requested A Dressing Room Away From Charlie Sheen

“Oh, shit, he’s in the parking lot. I can’t run in skinny jeans!”

While Charlie Sheen stopped by TODAY to say with a straight face that he uses condoms all the time, Justin Bieber was also scheduled to appear and made sure his team kept him as far the fuck away from Charlie as possible. Radar reports:

“Justin’s team has requested the dressing room away from Charlie,” a show insider tells Radar. “They want to make sure he’s as far away from Charlie as possible.”
Bieber was scheduled to appear on the morning program before Tuesday, but his appearance got rescheduled due to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Now, before someone of you start (correctly) pointing out how HIV spreads, stop and ask yourself why you’re assuming HIV is the only thing Justin Bieber has to worry about when coming in contact in with Charlie Sheen. Also, consider the odds he’ll be mistaken for Miley Cyrus because it’s all of them. All of the odds. Shit, I’m still waiting for an alternative universe to collect its Miley.

“Found her, you guys! Quick, before her dick opens another portal!”


“Aw, dammit.”

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Photo: AKM-GSI