Egging Was The Case That They Gave Biebs

Because the poh-leese ain’t got nuttin’ better to do then try and bring down The Teflon Don With A Giant King Dong, word on da streetz is my boy #BBare ’bout to get stuck with some bo’shit charges over eggin’ some mothafucka’s house. As if it ain’t enough he already lost a gotdamn soulja, y’all gotta chain my boy up ’cause he’s black. Shit’s Amistad all over again. Dayamn. TMZizzurp:

Justin Bieber will be charged with criminal vandalism Monday in connection with the egging case … sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.
We do not know if Bieber will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. TMZ broke the story … the prosecutor who investigated the case told the victim, “If this isn’t a felony, nothing is.” The neighbor has estimates showing $20K in damages from the egging. The case was sent to the top honchos in the D.A.’s office for a final decision.

I feel like y’all forgettin’ a lil’ something my boy did just the other day: It’s called baptism, bitch. POW. Mothafuckin Jesus hisself already stepped in and was like, “Listen here, nigga. Dump yo’ face in that tub and we cool.” Full pardon, yo. Ain’t no judge gonna step to that. Plus my boy rich, and this is Hollywood. Holla-holla-holla, Illuminati. *drinks cup* Damn, that’s good baby blood.

Photos: Getty