Aw, Shit, It’s #BBare In His #CKs (#DatBulgeTho)

It’s been a New Jack City minute since we checked in on my boy #BBare as in ladies be gettin’ bare for my boy Justin #BBare, Blackest Son of Krypton. But mostly Canada. Anyway, here’s da smoofest mothafucka dis side of Smooftown gettin’ down to his drawers for Calvin & Hobbes because ain’t nuttin’ gay about modelin’, son. My boy’s like a ghetto Marky Mark, tearin’ down dem racist ceiling fans, except without sayin’ nothin’ ’bout stoppin’ no 9/11. #BBare ain’t even about that. He don’t dabble in hyperedibles. He only deals in troofs. Cold, hard realities. Like the size of #DatDangAlang! Hunnid cent natural. Hunnid cent natural. Fleek. Get da money. Y’all smell almonds? #StrokeLifesMatter

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Photos: Calvin Klein