Justin Bieber Runs This Town

June 7th, 2013 // 51 Comments
Justin Bieber
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Above is shotcaller Justin Bieber lettin’ them paparazzi know there’s only one mothafucka who runs Miami, and his moms don’t like him havin’ no sugar cereals for breakfast, bitch, so you best be steppin’. TMZ reports:

The incident occurred outside The Hit Factory recording studio at around 4 AM … just hours before Bieber’s security guards allegedly choked another photographer, and tried to jack his camera equipment as well.
On the tape, you hear Justin scream to his bodyguards, “Grab that camera!!! Get that f***ing camera out of here!!!”
You can hear the photog plead with Justin, who responds like a benevolent prince, “Alright, alright. I’m gonna give you your camera back. I’m gonna take your SIM card though.”
The photog begs and pleads to let him keep his memory card — even offering to delete the photos he took — but Bieber is unmoved.

Let’s play a fun little game: Take three of your friends and find some random person taking pictures in public. Confront him, forcibly take his camera, remove the memory card, give back the camera then walk away with a piece of his property still in your possession. First person to convince the police that wasn’t just a robbery wins. GO! (Extra points if you’re a minority and pull this off without death and/or injury.)

Photo: Getty / Video: TMZ.com


  1. ANonymous


  2. I just can’t get the song “Fly Me To The Moon” out of my head for some reason.

  3. Randal

    Justin continues to grow into his role as the King of Pop along with his edgy personality. He’s not a boy anymore folks, and the young man in him is eager to mature outward.

    As long as his music continues to entertain millions around the world, he’s not going anywhere fast. Keep doing what you’re doing, Justin!


    • grobpilot

      Randal, it’s good of you to encourage young Bieber to continue doing what he’s doing. That way, he’ll eventually end up face down, dead and bloated in a water-filled ditch with most of the car he was driving stuffed up his ass.

    • goddamn, tommyboy, did your complaining work? I’ve called out Randal’s bullshit top post shit before to no avail.

    • Randal(l)

      Justin continues to grow into his role as poster child for late term abortions along with his cunty personality. He’s not a boy anymore, NAMBLA refuses to take his calls anymore and the old men in him are eager to find a tighter fit.

      as long as little girls continue to finger blast themselves while this douche Orally rapes a microphone around the world, He’s going to OD on a speed ball surrounded my cum rags and a copy of Leif Garrett’s autobiography

      Keep doing what you’re doing, Justin!


  4. What we need is 25 douchey frat boys drunk off their ass. Rile them up and have them bum rush Bieber and his guards. Bieber is bound to get some sort of beating and likely, so will the douchey frat guys. Two birds, one stone. Let’s make this happen.

  5. I need to join the military just so I have access to a tank to run over his head with.

    • Use a Louisville Slugger…they’re cheaper and the commitment is much shorter.

      • But I want it to ‘pop’. I want to drive over it slowly … slowly … until the pressure cracks his little skull and what little brain matter he has shoots across the red carpet.

        I’m Canadian .. my level of rage for this embarrassing little fuck knows no bounds.

  6. Tom

    Digital cameras don’t have SIM cards, they have memory cards.

    Beiber, you are an ignorant little douche. I hope a photographer lays you out the next time you or your wannabe thug buddies tries to act tough.

  7. Steve

    Nice accent douche bag, we come from the same town and no one sounds like that.
    “Yo”, what an asshole.

  8. Techman

    It’s Miami where people have a right to carry concealed weapons and defend themselves. So why are this little turd and his body guards still walking around? If I live in Miami and this child is stupid enough to try and steal my property, he’s going down hard! How come everyone is missing such a golden opportunity?

    • schmidtler

      They can take my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead hand. Or as soon as I’ve unloaded it into Bieber, either way.

  9. D.

    if people are feeding their family just by taking your picture, the least you could do is let them.

  10. So that’s assault and theft and there’s audio evidence. Seems cut and dried to me.

    I’d like to see him try that without his ‘guards’ around or in any regular neighbourhood, he’d get his head kicked in.

  11. TheListener

    He’s become a spoiled jerk who gets away with anything. Celebs like him make me sick.

  12. *Robert Duvall from the end of Network* I suppose we’ll just have to kill him.

  13. Robb7

    This little wanna-be is going to get his skinny, lily-white ass kicked in one day when he least expects it by his own black security team who’ve had enough of his shit!

  14. Dolf Lundgren

    Take it from me kid, if you don’t like having your picture taken by the paparazzi, don’t be a celebrity.

  15. Cock Dr

    A car wreck
    My Wish List 4 Justin Bieber:
    A broken nose
    A messy drug bust
    A Lil Kim look alike pregnant with his twins
    A gay sex tape
    Photos of him kicking pit bull puppies
    Conversion to Islam

    Did I miss anything?
    This asshole needs to go down.

  16. catapostrophe

    “Above is shotcaller Justin Bieber lettin’ them paparazzi know there’s only mothafucka who runs Miami, …”

    + “one”?

  17. Cpt. Obvious

    Is this everyone’s first day in America? Nothing will happen to him. People like him don’t get punished for behaving badly. We reward him by making a fuss over his every move. He makes money when we put his name everywhere. We increase the size of his paycheck by keeping him at the forefront of the media.

    Grow up people. Let’s collectively forget about this misunderstood, self proclaimed “real deal” and get on with our lives ok?

  18. Smapdi

    Somebody call the trophy shop and order up a “Chris Brown Tough Guy” award for Beiber, for bullying someone in no position to fight back. Its easy to be tough when you’ve got a team of bodyguards to do the real work, right Beibs?

  19. rican

    One of these days, when I have the money, I will sponsor a TKD black belt with a short temper and a wish to be the best paparazzi.

  20. sparky

    Has Canada disowned this punk yet?

  21. logan

    this little bitches space ride can’t come soon enough.

    • Maybe they can jettison the little cocksucker like the piece of space garbage that he is. And to think he actually got somewhere with Selena Gomez. There is no god.

      • logan

        Oh, there is a God, he just has a sense of humor. Case in point Justin Bieber.. He had Selena………now he doesn’t.
        Selena, she learned to spot crap before she can smell it.

  22. jc

    Is the Biebs, and his twisted sense of entitlement, starting to remind anybody else of King Joffrey, on Game of Thrones?

  23. snitch

    To the pap who lost his memory card, there are ways to instant upload all your photos to the cloud no matter what equipment you have, you should be doing this. Fuck Bieber.

  24. Vlad

    Johnny Woodchuck, get yer Maple Ass outta’ my town! I’d like to see you go into the heart of Liberty City or Overtown and say you own it…yeah, that’ll work out just fine!

  25. DumbArse

    What is a more serious charge for a dumbass celebrity?
    Theft of property or damage of property?

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      Since Lindsey Lohan seems to have a clear handle on both, I believe she should be consulted on this. It would break up the monotony of rehab

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