Justin Bieber Runs This Town

Above is shotcaller Justin Bieber lettin’ them paparazzi know there’s only one mothafucka who runs Miami, and his moms don’t like him havin’ no sugar cereals for breakfast, bitch, so you best be steppin’. TMZ reports:

The incident occurred outside The Hit Factory recording studio at around 4 AM … just hours before Bieber’s security guards allegedly choked another photographer, and tried to jack his camera equipment as well.
On the tape, you hear Justin scream to his bodyguards, “Grab that camera!!! Get that f***ing camera out of here!!!”
You can hear the photog plead with Justin, who responds like a benevolent prince, “Alright, alright. I’m gonna give you your camera back. I’m gonna take your SIM card though.”
The photog begs and pleads to let him keep his memory card — even offering to delete the photos he took — but Bieber is unmoved.

Let’s play a fun little game: Take three of your friends and find some random person taking pictures in public. Confront him, forcibly take his camera, remove the memory card, give back the camera then walk away with a piece of his property still in your possession. First person to convince the police that wasn’t just a robbery wins. GO! (Extra points if you’re a minority and pull this off without death and/or injury.)

Photo: Getty / Video: TMZ.com