1. Drew

    Gotta love that people posting here reside in the country that has the most obese people per capita, ragging on Canada for having a couple chubby hooters girls. Cute.

  2. Not_A_Belieber

    *high pitched voice* Hey guys, how can I make everyone think I’m a man and like women?

    Oh! I got it go to Hooters, but in Canada because they are pretty much men anyways!

    sniff sniff It smells like my uncle’s fingers after he touches me down there in here. Gross.

  3. RtSS

    Third in from the left is the most doable one. She would be wild and fun to play the game of ‘hide the sausage’. The other ones while some have good qualities, seem to have been hired on under the affirmative action against neglecting chubby bellies.

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