Justin Bieber Went To Hooters

September 20th, 2010 // 58 Comments
Justin Bieber at Hooters

Justin Bieber made an impromptu appearance at a Canadian Hooters Saturday because he’s a raging pile of hormones combined with a millionaire and probably gets a call whenever he leaves his phone number next to the $50 tip for just one hamburger. (Should I have left shoes? What am I doing wrong?!) CTV News reports:

“Within 30 to 45 seconds from him walking in the door we had anywhere from 150 to 200 people standing out front,” explained assistant manager Les Johansen, who said he offered to let Bieber take pictures with the Hooter girls.
“He’s like, ‘That’s what I’m here for.”‘

“That’s what I’m here for.” *Googles sniper rifles* While I, uh, shop for Christmas presents, check out this hilarious snippet from the article in case any of you don’t believe Hooters is Stripper Boot Camp:

Servers at the Hooters were a bit starstruck.
“I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed the camera and then came back down,” said Richelle, a server who didn’t give her last name.
In more important news, after Justin Bieber left, this CTV reporter was informed by Richelle that she was “kind of bored” until I showed up.
I proceeded to order two 32 oz. beers until I had the courage to ask her if she likes working here. She giggled and ate one of my French fries.
Later, I waited for her in the parking lot until a cook came out and threatened me with a cleaver.
I think we’re gonna get married.

Full Disclosure: Some of that might not have happened. — Or did it?

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Photo: Hooters Restaurant/Les Johansen


  1. Mike Hawk

    Watch out for the al qaeda sleeper cell hooters ho. Ill bet she gets pissed if someone orders pork.

    • Richard McBeef

      i think that might be a red dotter, but if it spoils your jihadist fantasies then i say roll with it.

      • Mike Hawk

        I dunno…she looks just like my local Pakistani sleeper cells wife.

        That little red dots there to let you know when the coffee’s ready.

    • horn dog

      hell nah – she loves pork, especially when it’s thrashing between those jugs, releasing sleeper cells all over her face!

  2. female

    First assholes!! #2 gives me a cream pie!!

  3. Randal

    That’s my boy!

  4. Important question

    Why are most of the hooter girls fat…and ugly?

    • duke chute

      what do you expect from a hooters in Canada? It isn’t a real country anyway.

      • isitin

        Fucking redneck American cocksucker.

      • d3struction

        Canada…Americas Largest National Park..

      • Pam

        Let me guess …you are a stupid fucking American. I feel sorry for you.
        P.S. Canda rocks!!

      • d3struction

        @ Pam…

        You mean the country geographically beneath you that will be the one to save your ass when the muslims take over because of your lax “national security” ? that country America? Yea…way to bite the hand that protects you because of 1 persons comment. Dont you have some ham to be curing, maple syrup to be making, toques to be knitting or shitty musicians (RUSH excluded) to be promoting, eh? Take off you stupid bitch.

      • Pam

        @d3struction hahaha what a load of shit.. You think Amercia isa wonderful place to live. Come on really. You guys don’t have your shit together when it comes to presidents, healthcare, housing…and the list goes on. …… I think I’ll stay in Canada thanks !!

      • Johnny Cage

        Pam’s response is the typical kind you’d get from a Canadian online. I guess her mother finally allowed her to have a computer in her room. I found that talking to Canadians is kind of like a kid who makes you wait after him at the Nobel Prize committee, because he feels the macaroni necklace he made in class is superior to your new rocket engine.

        watch for all the “I know you are but am I” shit to follow.

      • megacondenser

        Hey, that Hooters is in the shithole city of Edmonton, in a mall, no less. That place is the armpit of Canada…you can’t judge the whole country by that weak standard.

    • Deacon Jones

      They look much more fuckable than most of the ones I’ve seen!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously doubt you date better.

    • Yeah, WTF dude…don’t down the shit when you’d be lucky to get even half of what these chicks have.

      • frosty

        yes Canada has produced some shitty musicians..the shame of Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne and Nickelback is not easily reconciled…and while we would all agree military might is not our strong suit…we do possess the largest supply of fresh water in the world..you may need some of that one day…..oh there is also that small issue of the US not being able to meet it’s own energy demands, while we have far more than enough…..you could always turn to the other top producers of oil and gas… say those US friendly places like Iran, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia?….and before you say you could just roll in and take it all…not likely, you would freeze your ever lovin asses off in the process….play nice with your neighbors…

      • Johnny Cage

        Frosty, without American subsidies/technology/etc you wouldn’t be able to even get your hands on that. You’d be more like Africa which has some of the world’s largest diamond and gold mines as well as extensive resources, yet they’re broke as hell.

        What am I even saying? It’s the US military umbrella that makes sure Canada’s supplies doesn’t become Russian water, gas, and timber instead. Without much environmental regulations in that field you can really make a profit from you selling that timber to us. As for tourism, well, because of trouble in the economy and stories of nastiness in Canada it led some Americans to stay home or suggest cheaper getaways. This ended up removing a few ribs from Canada’s tourism industry.

        If you want to you can stop your oil trade with us and sell it to dictatorships like China, Putin’s Russia, or North Korea. But not only would that make a shit-stain on your book but also you would lose about 50-80% of your export market without the US.

        Then also ignore the fact that Canada’s economic spread is dependent on American investing.

        Yes play nice with your neighbors indeed. Don’t worry about your celebrities or singers, I’m not mad at Canada for that. I’m actually a big fan of Norm Macdonald.

    • Imma Ferrari

      because good looking people go to college and become rich by having awesome jobs thanks to their awesome self esteem. good looking people suck the life out of the rest of us.

  5. fester

    What’s with the merkin/pouches? Why does Hooters hate camel-toes?

  6. Rhialto

    What a stupid move to send him to hooters.Kids of his age don’t visit hooters.

  7. Gaybar for a gayboy

    Should rather go to the gaybar ….i hope we all wake up 1 day and realize how shit the world is with all these fucking useless celebs, and we just up and fucking kill the lot…..

  8. girl who likes it in da butt

    you post almost everything after the dlisted does. snooze.

  9. Rough "gots" game

    Oh yeah, the one in CANADA. If it was’nt for the tank-tops, I would’ve mistake it for the adjacent restaurant call BELLIES…Best guacamole in town…

  10. Id shoot my thick white putine in that blonde in the middle.

    In a cpl more years he can hit those strip clubs up there where u get to feel the dancers’ boobies.

  11. Justin Bieber at Hooters
    Commented on this photo:

    Gotta love that people posting here reside in the country that has the most obese people per capita, ragging on Canada for having a couple chubby hooters girls. Cute.

  12. Rough "gots" game

    Look at the Biebs in a sandwich with Jenny Garth and Elizabeth Berkley. That’s what these girls are up to these days?

  13. Matthew

    hwe is to stupid to be with girls and also he ruins good music

  14. Anonymous

    How come the chick in the middle is out of uniform and wearing a jacket and cap?

  15. stevebeagle

    leave it to Bieber,,

    the lil tool box

  16. timmy the dying boy

    If he’s so damn full of hormones, how come his voice hasn’t cracked, and ended his career, yet?

  17. Obvious

    The attention whores in the photo haven’t figured out he would rather suck dick. The one in the photo (left) is completely fuckable.

  18. This kid will be on crack by 19

  19. JR

    Ugh. That little pansy, whining, preening, screechy voiced hack. I mean you, Seacrest! LOL…just kidding. This kid will be over by 19 and like frisbeeken said, on crack. Now if I could figure out a way to stop breeders from making more of these kids who listen to crap and worship crap, I’d be rich. But anywho….

  20. dude

    poor guy was by some hippos.

    • dude

      haha i don’t like bieber either but still atleast he has his shit together. let him get auto tuned lol but he’s alot better than usher. usher can’t sing worth shit.

  21. Justin Bieber at Hooters
    Commented on this photo:

    *high pitched voice* Hey guys, how can I make everyone think I’m a man and like women?

    Oh! I got it go to Hooters, but in Canada because they are pretty much men anyways!

    sniff sniff It smells like my uncle’s fingers after he touches me down there in here. Gross.

  22. jay

    why are there a bunch of Hooters girls in the picture with a lesbian?

  23. captain america

    ……………….americans are used to buy “friends”.
    that’s the main reason you simply can’t trust anyone there!!

  24. beat maker

    This kid is in for a rude awakening once he goes through puberty and his voice changes.

  25. He’s going THROUGH Puberty now. He’s 16 … when did you start puberty? 23???

    Hey I can’t stand the little fucker, but I’ll give him credit. His publicists have him everywhere, he’s making money hand over foot, and by the time he’s 19 he won’t give a shit if he is relevant or not. He’ll be rich and he’ll be fucking hot french canadian strippers for the rest of his life.

  26. Cardinal Fang

    2nd from the right.

  27. Justin Bieber at Hooters
    Commented on this photo:

    Third in from the left is the most doable one. She would be wild and fun to play the game of ‘hide the sausage’. The other ones while some have good qualities, seem to have been hired on under the affirmative action against neglecting chubby bellies.

  28. RtSS

    Third in from the left is the most doable one. She would be wild and fun to play the game of ‘hide the sausage’. The other ones while some have good qualities, seem to have been hired on under the affirmative action against neglecting chubby bellies. Didn’t there used to be strict hiring rules and regulations for these fine ladies in tight orange shorts? What’s America coming to…? We are doomed, if we don’t have boinkable Hooter Girls.

  29. coradimsta

    keine harre am sack aber einen auf gangster machen das kind das

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