Justin Bieber Went To Hooters

Justin Bieber made an impromptu appearance at a Canadian Hooters Saturday because he’s a raging pile of hormones combined with a millionaire and probably gets a call whenever he leaves his phone number next to the $50 tip for just one hamburger. (Should I have left shoes? What am I doing wrong?!) CTV News reports:

“Within 30 to 45 seconds from him walking in the door we had anywhere from 150 to 200 people standing out front,” explained assistant manager Les Johansen, who said he offered to let Bieber take pictures with the Hooter girls.
“He’s like, ‘That’s what I’m here for.”‘

“That’s what I’m here for.” *Googles sniper rifles* While I, uh, shop for Christmas presents, check out this hilarious snippet from the article in case any of you don’t believe Hooters is Stripper Boot Camp:

Servers at the Hooters were a bit starstruck.
“I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed the camera and then came back down,” said Richelle, a server who didn’t give her last name.
In more important news, after Justin Bieber left, this CTV reporter was informed by Richelle that she was “kind of bored” until I showed up.
I proceeded to order two 32 oz. beers until I had the courage to ask her if she likes working here. She giggled and ate one of my French fries.
Later, I waited for her in the parking lot until a cook came out and threatened me with a cleaver.
I think we’re gonna get married.

Full Disclosure: Some of that might not have happened. — Or did it?

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Photo: Hooters Restaurant/Les Johansen