Yo, What’d Y’All Do To #BBare? Jigga’s Gone SOFT!

Look, y’all know I been frontin’ for my boy #BBare since he tore up Miami and started popping po-po’s in Canadatown cuz I only represent the hardest mothafuckas to come straight out dem hoods of Ontario. Except that was before dis mothafucka I ain’t even know no more drop this shit on Facebook. Who da fuck uses Facebook? He like your grandma or something? Invite y’all to Mafia Wars or some shit? Shit ain’t fleek.


So after this little bitch cryin’ about how he cares about the world and mothafucka’s feelings, I did myself a little research, and y’all know something: Mothafucka ain’t even black! In fact, I ain’t even sure I haven’t been frontin’ for Miley Cyrus this whole time. Why didn’t y’all say something?! I just vouched for a mothafucka who went on Ellen. ELLEN. You know what they do to y’all in the streets after you been on Ellen? They ask you if got a free car and what that food was like, but that’s beside the point. JUSTIN #BBARE IS WHITE. We watched ROOTS together. Okay, not really, but we talked about it a lot. Mostly while eatin’ sandwiches with mayonnaise on it- and, aw shit, I shoulda seen it right there. My bad.

Photo: Warner Bros. Television