Justin Bieber Drove Over 100 MPH, Putting Other Drivers At Risk Because The Paparazzi Did It First

Justin Bieber continued his metamorphosis into a selfish Hollywood shit-weasel who can’t take responsibility for his own actions by doing over 100 mph on Highway 101, causing 10 other drivers on the road to call 911, because – wait for it – the paparazzi was chasing him. TMZ reports:

Justin Bieber has filed a harassment complaint against one of the paparazzi who chased him down an L.A. freeway Friday — claiming the guy was a maniac on the road … and put several lives in danger.
A CHP officer dropped by Justin’s music video shoot downtown Friday (above) — and law enforcement sources tell us, the officer was there to take Justin’s statement after the singer filed the complaint.
We’re told Justin originally reached out to police following Friday’s high speed chase — because the photog in question had been extremely aggressive on the road … much worse than the other photogs.

Let’s just start picking this apart for the horseshit it is, and it’s almost too easy:

1. Justin Bieber was concerned that the paparazzi were putting lives at risk, so he decided to put a stop to it by doing 100 mphs and.. putting lives at risk?
2. He was behind the wheel of a car with tinted windows. Tinted windows. Just stop and let them take pics of a black window until the cops show up. Or, you know, keep driving like a normal person. On that note:
3. His Israeli ex-Special Forces bodyguard is with him at all times. The dude probably holds the kid’s penis while he takes a leak just so he doesn’t accidentally molest himself. At no point is he ever in danger. Selena Gomez could say, “Wow, that was over fast,” and the dude would have Bieber’s ears covered before a single word touched his eardrums while checking him for scratch marks. He’s that good. (If you think I’m over-exaggerating the man’s credentials, every single day he gets in a car with Justin Bieber behind the wheel. There’s laughing in the face of death, and then there’s shitting on its foot while staring it directly in the eye.)

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News