So The ‘Justice League’ Script Got Tossed

For those of you actually expecting a Justice League movie to happen, the current script has reportedly been tossed after nobody would touch the goddamn thing. Also, Warner Bros. is waiting to see how well Man of Steel does this summer, so picking up the Justice League script and going, “Welp, won’t be needing this…” really says a lot about their confidence in it. Burnsy over at FilmDrunk has more along with comics writer Mark Millar pissing all over the project by saying with a straight face that Marvel’s superheroes are more believable than DC’s – “A guy that runs fast? Pfft. You want realism? We have a deity who fights fucking aliens next to a green monster-man. Suck it.” – but the real news here is now we’ll never get to see this scene happen which is why most prepubescent boys get into comics and never quit in the first place:

SUPERMAN: I have a super-boner from battle.
WONDER WOMAN: Super-do me with it!
BATMAN: *high fives Green Lantern and The Flash, but not Aquaman, never Aquaman*

Goddammit, Warner Bros.

Photos: DC Comics / Splash News