So The ‘Justice League’ Script Got Tossed

February 8th, 2013 // 23 Comments
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For those of you actually expecting a Justice League movie to happen, the current script has reportedly been tossed after nobody would touch the goddamn thing. Also, Warner Bros. is waiting to see how well Man of Steel does this summer, so picking up the Justice League script and going, “Welp, won’t be needing this…” really says a lot about their confidence in it. Burnsy over at FilmDrunk has more along with comics writer Mark Millar pissing all over the project by saying with a straight face that Marvel’s superheroes are more believable than DC’s – “A guy that runs fast? Pfft. You want realism? We have a deity who fights fucking aliens next to a green monster-man. Suck it.” – but the real news here is now we’ll never get to see this scene happen which is why most prepubescent boys get into comics and never quit in the first place:

SUPERMAN: I have a super-boner from battle.
WONDER WOMAN: Super-do me with it!
BATMAN: *high fives Green Lantern and The Flash, but not Aquaman, never Aquaman*

Goddammit, Warner Bros.

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  1. Maybe Warner Bros. could hire Joss Whedon also. That seems to work out well these days.

    And Aquaman is a badass. I don’t care how nerdy it looks to say that.

    • Smapdi

      Aquaman just needs a new angle. How about his aquatic telepathy goes badly askew, and instead of talking to regular clams, he can now only communicate with the bearded clams of Hollywood starlets? It practically writes itself!

  2. Juch

    If they can’t make them work separately in movies yet – Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman – it seems like a bad play to jump ahead to a team movie.

  3. Dick Hell

    Haven’t given a shit about superheroes since I was 13 but I remember you gotta choose a side, you can’t like Marvel AND DC. I was a Marvel kid myself because all the DC characters suck.

    • Deacon Jones

      I’ve found that most people that liked DC comics were from the New York area. Maybe because of Superman? Kind of explains why they rout for lame ass teams like the Giants and Yankees, now that I think about it.

      On a side note, that artwork looks familiar up there, but I cant put my finger on it. Looks a little like Todd MacFarlane for some reason.

      • It’s Jim Lee. He’s been drawing Justice League since the New 52 reboot.

      • Dick Hell

        This was back in the mid ’70s. The theory as explained to me by my mentor (a kid the same age who had been into comics longer than me) was that the Marvel characters were more believable because they were NOT omnipotent. Superman for instance could do ANYTHING that didn’t involve Kryptonite, physically push (or tow) planets, spin so fast he traveled through time, etc.
        Apparently since then DC has revamped their characters and made them a little more flawed, i.e. interesting (for people who care).

    • Wrong! I love Marvel and DC. IDC has some awesome superheroes. Everybody in the Justice League is pretty badass. The Flash is my favourite DC superhero.

  4. wtf is Wonder Woman wearing pants for? Anybody that has superpowers doesn’t need to keep a job. And everybody who has to keep a job knows that no job = no reason to be bothered wearing pants. DC need to bring Randy Travis as a consultant before they screw up their characters any more than they already have. The appeal of a Wonder Woman movie where she’s shitfaced drunk on moonshine, flying around fighting crime in her ’96 trans am, pantsless, is mind boggling.

  5. mouse


  6. Inner Retard

    Justice League is pointless. No need for anyone else when Superman with his powers can take care of it all by himself. Plus related movies sucked and people who could do something with it, JJ Abrams and Whedon, are already taken. Maybe Nolan but he’s been slipping since DK Rises sucked and Man of Steel is questionable.

  7. THat Guy over There

    This movie is just to rushedand only being made so dc can try to cash in after the success of AVENGERS HOWEVER Avnegers took its time to cover all there heros equally this woul; dhave ended up being a cluster fuck WHAT if the new superman dosent work,,,and what about batman with out C.Nolan It could be just as bad PLUS No wonderwoman movie yet OR the Flash it just shows hollywood dosent understand how comics work…and they hardley understand the verey movies they make I pray this JLA movie NEVER comes out.

  8. cari

    My guess is that without Chris Nolan directing or producing, it wasn’t worth the risk. Only HE can perform miracles.

  9. Wonder Woman Cancelled
    Commented on this photo:

    Sorry but the reason why that project did not lift off. It’s because of the actress that portrays Wonder Woman. Brooke Shields in her twenties would have been a better choice. This actress was not even close and in the same league when it comes to beauty and poise of Lynda Carter.. Nobody can fill up her shoes.

  10. Wonder Woman Cancelled
    Commented on this photo:

    shes ugly

  11. Wonder Woman Cancelled
    Commented on this photo:

    I like the way she looked and I think all these options’ were ridiculous and it ruind the chance for a new Wonder Women!! It would have been great to get TV back from reality crap!!

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