Fire Jimmy Fallon. Case closed.

January 8th, 2010 // 85 Comments

With Jay Leno’s move to 10 PM being yet another retarded decision for NBC, the network is now moving him back to his old time-slot at 11:35 where Conan O’Brien currently hosts The Tonight Show. The AP has the details on the proposed line-up:

The network, contemplating disappointing ratings for Leno’s new prime-time show, is weighing a plan to return him to the 11:35 p.m. EST slot he held for 17 years as “Tonight Show” host, a person familiar with the discussions said on condition of anonymity over a lack of authority to address the issue publicly.
NBC executives on Thursday discussed a scenario that would include a half-hour Leno show at 11:35 p.m. EST, sending “Tonight” with Conan O’Brien to 12:05 a.m. and Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” to 1:05 a.m., the person said.

TMZ reports that NBC is essentially treating Conan like a red-headed step-child and giving him the ultimatum of accepting the new line-up or getting the fuck out. The only good news out of this whole debacle is that absolutely no one has voiced any concern about the fate of Jimmy Fallon, so clearly the easy solution is to restore Jay and Conan to their previous shows/time-slots and shank Fallon in the neck leaving him for dead in a sewer.

Then again, I’m counting on NBC to not handle this in the worst way possible. Ha! I’m adorable.

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  1. OTP

    Fallon’s a tool anyway. All late night tv is stupid.

  2. bb


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  4. Amy C

    I do not get the appeal of Leno. Conan RULES!!!

  5. taint

    Just let Conan keep the time slot and put Leno after him. He has earned his spot.

  6. elkaybie

    why can’t Leno just frickin’ RETIRE! He’s the Brett Favre of Late Night…

  7. Billy Mays

    It’s the Dinosaurs at NBC trying to hold onto their favorite Dinosaur even though, they’re both just about instinct. Conan is the future… (lights dim and a single spotlight shines)… IN THE YEAR 2000!

  8. Kurt C.

    Leno is the absolute worst. I like Conan, but the show is still generally boring. Fallon at least has taken some risks. He strikes out a lot, but he hits a few out of the park. He also has the best musical guests of all the late night shows. He had Sunny Day Real Estate. He had Christopher Cross play with the Roots and Michael McDonald, doing a Yacht Rock tribute. His show had the Jawbox reunion.

    I just don’t understand why all of the shows follow the exact same formula. HOst does a “monologue” (even though Craig Ferguson is the only one who does n actual monologue rather than a disconnected string of bad jokes), a few bits, gurst one, guest 2, musical act, good night.

  9. Nameless

    Who still watches these late night shows?

  10. elkaybie

    Agree w/ Kurt C on Fallon…his musical guests alone are worth the watch.

    And I kinda like shared experiences :P

  11. Fire Leno and Fallon and have Conan do a 2½ hour show.

  12. Twelfth!


  13. havoc

    They all suck….


  14. yah know this!


  15. meow

    Fallon is horrible. Leno is even worse and I can’t even watch Ferguson.

    The only good thing about Jimmy Fallon’s show is the Roots, but I admit he does some mildly funny stuff with his guests. This whole debacle is really frustrating, because Jay Leno is so dusty and old; he needs to retire. I hope Conan just tells NBC to fuck off and gets a deal with a network that’s not going to cater to old, crusty men like Leno.

  16. kobalt9

    they should let my boner have the 11:35 timeslot

  17. Mitch

    Conan rules, and Fallon is hilarious. I think his show is my new favorite. I agree, his monologues are terrible, but he knows it so they are quick, He has awesome sketch comedy and very original/creative ideas. He’s the new old Conan.

  18. masturbating bear

    let’s have it the way it was a year ago. leno doing whatever it is he’s doing, conan back in nyc doing late night and being awesome, and fallon out of the fucking screen.

  19. Electric Newspaper Boy

    this site isn’t funny anymore. case closed.

  20. miked

    Every time I see that dick hole fallon he is flashing that “trying to be cool peace sign.” He should keep those fingers up his a$$ where they belong…

  21. jay

    just rid of leno. he’s not that funny. never thought he was. thats why i watch letterman when leno was still on the air cuz leno was not funny. leno’s jokes are too corny and reserved for the family audience and old men who fought in WW2. conan is totally retarded which is why he’s so funny and people watch him. conan’s audience is smarter and love his retarded slapstick humor which is not really funny but becuz conan is hosting, he makes it funny. conan’s show is for a younger cooler audience. conanando is our late night tv future. fuck leno. he only thinks hes funny. leno just has a fimiliar whiny voice that old america likes. fuck him. leno’s outdated. he should just retire and work on his cars in his god damn garage. he’s a nobody now. if he was smarter he wouldve kept his original show and not move to 10pm. stupid bastard. now hes not doing well and the old men who run nbc wants him back on conan’s time slot. fuck that. conan deserves his slot. he worked hard on it and hes making it his own and hes still number one!. not bcuz leno made it number one for him but becuz conan is king and he made it number 1 himself. FUCK LENO! i spit on his grave and his cars. fucking retire leno, u fucked up ur late nite career

  22. Rough: shooting from the lip

    Conan didnt see this coming in the “looking into the future” skit? Get Colbert or keep Leno at least I can stomach his very family friendly monologues…

  23. Mr.Mr

    jay leno and his chin should retire. jimmy fallon is bleh. and conan always has and will be the shit.

    that being said… i dont even watch late night tv. but i do tune in occasionally to see the roots(greatest house band ever) on late night. as long as they’re kept in the mix, i could give a shit what happens.

  24. Fuzzy Tingle Times(NS)

    Leno’s “fans” were clearly not his personal fans. So much as fans of the tonight show in general. He left, they moved on eventually. Leno is not funny. He was when i was 10.

  25. Parker

    Fallon is a nice guy in the right circumstances but any time I try to watch his show I end up wishing I had a gun to shoot the tv with. I just outright despise Leno and I’m pretty sure Conan is a red-headed stepchild but he’s a funny bastard.

  26. Rico Jones

    This is yet another dumb idea by NBC. Moving Leno won’t help if they do the same terrible show. Leno was ok on The Tonight Show but this new format he is using is just terrible. The reason Leno is doing poorly is because the new show is awful. Shifting the line up all over the place is dumb.

  27. Crusty

    Dave Letterman is, has been, and will be, funnier than anyone at NBC.

  28. fallon puts on a great show. i can’t get through 10 min of leno, 20 of conan, but i can sit through fallon’s entire show. he seems like the only guy that actually wants to be there.

  29. NG

    Leno is a more experienced stand up – he rarely blows a joke. Conan is just ok now, and he was outstanding in his old job. He’s not a good tonight show host, because that slot is not like his old late night show and he’s not a new carson or even a new leno. And you need a fresh leno for that job. My hunch: leno goes back to his old job, conan leaves, fallon stays the same.

  30. NG

    Leno is a more experienced stand up – he rarely blows a joke. Conan is just ok now, and he was outstanding in his old job. He’s not a good tonight show host, because that slot is not like his old late night show and he’s not a new carson or even a new leno. And you need a fresh leno for that job. My hunch: leno goes back to his old job, conan leaves, fallon stays the same. And yeah fallon is a hungry kid that actually is having fun out there.

  31. TBag

    Conan is awesome and Leno sucks, but Fallon is actually pretty good. I didn’t like him on SNL and thought a late night show with him would be a train wreck. I watched it a couple times recently and it’s pretty solid. His musical guests are awesome and the guests, comments, jokes, etc., seem, I don’t know, current.

  32. Ann

    Conan has the most talent of all three, but Fallon is getting better and I love the Roots, so I’d hate for his show to be on that late. Leno is favored by the older crowd, so I don’t think putting him on later is going to help anything.

    By the way, what about Carson Daly? Is he still on? (thank GOD they didn’t give Late night to him!!)

  33. asdasda

    Jimmy Fallon = luckiest man on earth

  34. DKNY

    Letterman is funnier than Leno. Conan is funnier than Leno. Craig Ferguson is funnier than Leno.

    Obviously no one watches Leno at 10pm. Get rid of him.

  35. Big D

    They should have left things alone. Conan was good later, but watered down for the earlier crowd he just seems boring. Leno was better at keeping within the 11:35 boundaries with out seeming uncomfortable like Conan. Though who cares comedy central (Stewart, Colbert) are funnier than any of these network shows anyway.

  36. Kirk

    NBC is so stupid if they don’t recognize that Conan has the most appeal for the younger audience. Leno is old school and getting more senile by the day. Duty now for the future!

  37. Marc

    Check out the picture: Fallon with the word “smell” right behind him on the bus. The picture basically says it all: Fallon stinks.

  38. Marc

    Check out the picture: Fallon with the word “smell” right behind him on the bus. The picture basically says it all: Fallon stinks.

  39. Vinnie the Chin

    Conan is hilarious but sadly not for the 11:35pm crowd. I also think him being based in NYC helped the show.

    NBC should let Leno go and see if he’ll end up making ABC or FOX better. Kimmel pulls in decent numbers so I doubt ABC would push him out. I don’t think Leno will draw as well especially with the damage done to his reputation by his current show.

  40. Turd Ferguson

    I heard a rumor that NBC is toying with the idea of a late night show called “Three Men and a Cup”.

  41. George

    My opinions on all three hosts:

    Leno – The only people that seem to love him seem to be the 40 and over crowd. His interviews are slobbering, his skits/monologues are cheesy, and you just don’t see relating to guests/musicians. He has gotten as far as he has from coming off as a nice guy.

    Conan – I personally love Conan as a talent, but his show has been totally neutered since the move to LA. Also, as much as I loved having Andy Richter during those early NY days, I feel it was a horrible move bringing him back for the LA show. I think Conan just doesn’t give an LA vibe. He is more in your face…he isn’t all about the butt kissing mentality. Maybe if he got the tonight show in 2015, it would have been different…just a huge change from Leno to Conan. Oh yeah, also doesn’t help that NBC stupidly set up Conan to get hurt in ratings by putting Leno ahead of him.

    Fallon – I hated Jimmy with a passion his first few weeks, but he seems to be getting the hang of the late night thing. Don’t get me wrong, some of his skits/games are idiotic/lame, but I think he has gotten better at interviewing. He so doesn’t deserve The Roots…those guys are unbelievable talents. Jimmy, like Conan before him, seems to get alot of quality musical guests too. That is where the Late Night slot is special, because I think musicians seem to respect the edginess of it.

  42. amanda

    jimy fallon was at a GnR show siting in the balcony and myself, damien from cali and everyone near us started chanting “FUCK YOU FALLON” all started by damiens cry of “jimmy fallon you laugh at your own jokes – you SUCK!” not sure where he moved his seat after that but we didnt see him anymore…

  43. Ed

    Leno = RETIRE.

  44. Ed

    Leno = RETIRE.

  45. Kimberly

    Here’s my thing with Leno…There is just something really familial about him. He seems like the uncle that isn’t really the life of the party, but he’s funny and you feel comfortable with him. I think the best segments are when he invites little kid prodigies or that old lady who bakes. So I feel bad when people talk smack about Leno.

    I like Conan’s little vignettes the best, and he’s the goofiest and most on-his-toes as far as jokes, but he also has that air of ignorance that kind of pisses me off.

    Jimmy is just like the tag-a-long little brother. You can tell he’s nervous, and sometimes he laughs incessantly when he has no witty comeback. And I hate that the vignettes are focused on the audience.

    I liked the old schedule. They should replace Carson Daly with Jimmy.

  46. Allen

    NBC = New Bomb Cancelled

  47. Derek

    NBC has to decide already whether they want to appeal to seniors or young people. That’s what this is about. You can’t have it both ways. Any talk show in prime time would get slaughtered and NBC can’t decide whether they want Leno’s audience(old people) or Conan’s smaller audience(young people with more purchasing power) in late night.

    This isn’t the 1960′s anymore. There are more than 3 channels. Your not gonna appeal to a 25 year old and a 65 year old equally. Most younger people I talk to love Conan but find the format stuffy and PG. Leno meanwhile is the blandest comedian on earth. I guess that’s what Kim meant by “familial”, ie, safe and family friendly.

    I never watched Leno much before, but if they bump Conan I’ll refuse to watch him.

  48. Conan should just tell em to go screw themselves. There’s no way they’d cancel him & it just sounds like a bluff to me.

  49. unclebingo7

    ferguson is better than all of them anyway with a quarter of the budget. talent probably has to do with that.

    i do not agree with NBC doing this to conan though. thats not cool.

  50. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    If Conan plays this right he could end up at FOX with tons more money. I have never found Leno funny, just freakish. He certainly has Pics of some NBC bigwig with a dead Hooker or a live boy.

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