Mama June’s Letting Pumpkin Believe The Child Molester Is Her Real Dad

It’s been a while since we peered into the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo spittoon, and surprise, it’s still getting more awful by the minute. Which is pretty amazing considering the last post was about Mama June letting Honey Boo Boo sleep in the same bed as the child molester who already raped one daughter in front of another one who’s now being led to believe said child molester is her real father because Hell is real and it’s the South. Via Gawker:

Last night on HLN, Anna talked to Dr. Drew about McDaniel’s abuse and how she feels about Mama June dating him again now. “I’m hurt,” she kept repeating. She also offered an explanation as to why Pumpkin, who was only three when she watched Anna get molested, is defending her mother:
[Mark] was supposed to be [Pumpkin’s] so-called father or whatever it is. You know, out of all the kids we have, Mama does not know who Pumpkin’s dad is. And Pumpkin thinks it’s Mark which kind of hurts my feelings, because Mama is making her believe that someone who did that to me is her father. Now Pumpkin hates me for it…

Keep in mind, there’s also another daughter floating in the mix – And with the unfortunate nickname of “Chubbs.” – whose father did time for “sexually exploiting a child over the Internet,” so I really need to stop thinking there’s a bottom to this situation because it’s not going to end until this guy drives to Mexico with Honey Boo Boo and Anna’s baby in the car Mama June bought him while she devours the posse tasked with hunting them down. And that’s the happy ending.

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Photo: Universal Pictures (h/t Johnny Barbells)