Juliette Lewis in a bikini because, eh, why not?

May 22nd, 2008 // 102 Comments

Years ago, I swore a sacred oath to always post pictures of chicks in bikinis regardless of race, age or booblessness. You see, my father before me was a bikini poster. And his father before him. And so on and so forth through the Superficial lineage. Our sacred tradition dates all the way back to Krog the Cave Poster who was revered as a pioneer in his tribe. Until one day, fire shot out of his cock forcing the elders to deem Krog a wizard. He was fed to a woolly mammoth but not before passing on his bikini sharing skills to his son: Sir Jesus From The Bible Christ Superficial. True story.

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  1. Gita

    Why not?How about for the sake of me not puking up my dinner….

  2. Mitosis


  3. Randal

    Well, here’s a lady we haven’t seen in a long time. Wonder where she’s been hiding.

    Hello Juliette and welcome to The Superficial. How are you?

    Back under that rock you go.


  4. Randal

    Oh and just to confirm, it is Juliette L. Lewis, not Juliette Lews. If this is going to be a place where celebrities can come and read about themselves, at least get it right.


  5. dude

    this chick never ages! Lohan should take a note.

  6. idwaxherwathole

    She may be a batshit crazy scientologist, she may be flat, she may have an awful tattoo on her ass, but I’d still eat her pussy like it was my last meal.

  7. Clay

    More Kristen Bell, plz kthx.

  8. iwanterherwtcunt

    C’mon, can’t we all think back to that first time we jerked off to Quentin Tarantino walking in her pissing in a winnebago in “From Dusk til Dawn”?… no… that was just me… ok, fuck you then.

  9. Twinkie

    I wouldn’t hit that with a rented dick.

  10. Erica


  11. DB

    Wow, she would rip your cock right off.

  12. richiewillyoueatmypussyforme?

    “Richie, will you eat my pussy for me?”
    Yes, Juliette, yes I will!

  13. dude in irvine

    Looking for OC Dee….love the name. Nice play on words. Anyway, in a move completely uncharacteristic of my love of privacy, if you click on my name, you’ll see my pic. Email me at walkontheocean2006@yahoo.com, if you and John Mayer aren’t a serious item yet.

  14. netstarman

    Looks like XENU beat her in the face with and ugly stick handle first. I thought the the XENU training was suppose to make her look better . I guess that was a waist of money paying off L.Ron Hubbard .

  15. spearherhotwetcunt

    Am I seriously the only one who wants to thrust my fleshy meat spear into her quivering hot wet butthole?

  16. MethHead

    Wow. Just wow. That…is truly breathtaking. In a “wow, that dog must have really been sick” sort of way.

  17. STevec

    she may not be too attractive, but she was great in Natural Born Killers as Mallory Knox…give her credit for her acting ability you idiots

  18. mary jane

    where are her jugs? is she female?! poor thing…

  19. Groovy Chainsaw

    Years ago ( back when Juliette Lewis had something resembling a career ) I worked at Suncoat Motion Picture Company, selling videos, T-Shirts, posters and other trend items. One busy evening a girl came in to ask if we had any posters of Juliette Lewis. You could almost literally hear the needle scratch on the record. Everyone at the counter turned to look at this customer. She responded with ” I know … I know … for some reason my brother likes her ! ”

  20. Sara

    she looks like a special needs child

  21. Cicero

    My knuckles are bustier.

  22. 1 of 30, Primary Adjunct of Unimatrix 0-1

    Damn… in the 2nd picture in row 3, it looks like she’s got some Borg implants in her right hand.

  23. adt

    Juliette Lewis is hardcoreeeee

  24. a haiku for juliette lewis:

    not sure what to say
    you’re looking kind of homeless
    harsh contrast from bell

  25. Quinn

    the beeping noise on this site is odd.

  26. justtheobvoius

    I’ll buy her boobies if I get to play with them, after they are installed of course…

  27. JoBOO

    FISH — stop posting shots of guys wearing bikinis!!

  28. fygu

    At least she’s not a sell out. She’s unique but I have doubts that she gave up heroin completely. Relapse is part of recovery.

  29. Awesome

    Dude I love the demented storytelling!!!!!!!!! Just love it!
    A proud and noble tradition I might add.

  30. fake boobs

    Where are her tits?

  31. scott malchow

    “she put’s the lotion in the basket”…….”she puts the lotion in the basket”

  32. Pfffft!

    ASS TATOO! ASS TATOO! Am I the only one who noticed?

  33. jack

    I noticed you can’t spell tattoo.

    And that is only fugly bitch.

  34. wookielove

    @32 Read # 6
    I’d like to see what the rest of the tattoo looks like, just for curiosities sake.

  35. Zippy

    Why is Steven Tyler wearing a bikini?

  36. Those are some fake ass titties?

  37. Those are some fake ass titties!

  38. mary jane

    hahahha!! love zippy’s comment! #35
    juliette needs an extreme makeover! new face new tits and new body. she is just hideous!

  39. bobby bo bo

    She looks like iggy pop with smaller boobs.

  40. Ivy

    jesus christ, do not want. what a fucking man.

  41. Vince Lombardi


    “Hello, Amy Winehouse, please.”

    “Speakin’, ducky.”

    “Ms. Winehouse, this is Scotland Yard. We’ve located your missing twin sister who you reported lost the day you went crazy in the makeup department at Macy’s, ran across the street and grabbed a mop and put it on your head, ran further down the street and yelled, “Give me one of everything” at the tattoo parlor, then stopped off at the Star Trek convention and bought some Klingon teeth. Her name is Juliette Lewis. Looks like you’re no longer a suspect in her disappearance and suspected murder, as she has turned up alive and… um…. ‘well’ might be a stretch….. on a yacht wearing your clothes. Sorry to have troubled you with that 15 hour interrogation.”

  42. Steph

    I think she is really f*cking cool. True to life rockstar, love this girl. I’m not a fan per se, but everything I see of her, its like she could care less what people think

  43. ph245

    she is a slut you know, if you met her in a bar and bought her a beer, she’d fuck you.

  44. ph245

    she is a slut you know, if you met her in a bar and bought her a beer, she’d fuck you.

  45. Liz

    wtf mate ^^ who is she??

  46. Dumdidum

    No more money for xenu. Sold her tits.

  47. Prof

    You show me some hotness like Kristen Bell THEN you follow it up with THIS! Today you better show me some new extreme hotness good day… I SAID GOOD DAY DAMMIT!

  48. blp

    Good point #5. It seems the Scientologists have developed true anti-aging technology.

  49. jimbo

    she looks like iggy pop

  50. ………………………………..IS SHE DYING?

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