Juliette Lewis is…I have no idea

March 20th, 2006 // 90 Comments

Here is Juliette Lewis. If you ever wondered what would happen if David Fincher directed a Fruit of the Loom commercial, well here you go. And yet Brad Pitt used to date her. Which leads me to believe that either Juliette looked much better back then or Brad had just eaten ten pounds of cocaine.


  1. derekd

    … fugly. Never thought she was pretty. And Jolie is the first bitch I ever seen him with that was hot. Although that scene from “Dusk Till Dawn” where Tarantino’s character imagines her asking him to eat her pussy is hilarious. They could be related. They have the same Frankenstein forehead.

  2. gogoboots

    SCARY! And looks like a banana with brown hair…

  3. #25 (Big Fig);

    The photo is artistically darkly lit and it’s a flash thingy, so you have to use the “next” button or the “image index” to get to the fourth pic; But, there is a topless pic of the divine Miss Lewis at the following fashion designer’s address; (It’s the “safe” pic that I know of, offhand)


  4. Whoops! Fifth pic; I’m sorry.

  5. mYslead

    i say option b which include Brad Pitt and 10 pounds of cocaine.

  6. Jewbacca

    I bet she’s crazy in bed, thats why Brad went out with her and prolly why he left Jen for Angelina, everyone knows Angelina is a freak in bed.

  7. HughJorganthethird

    Lets see, great actress, fearless, brazen, sexy, unaffected and actually sings rock and roll.

    Why is she on this site? Get back to HoHan before J.L. finds you and kicks your ass.

    Oh yeah and #21 only fags and housewives watch VH1. Which are you?

  8. sara1beth2

    Hugh are a complete dickhead.

  9. veszti

    She is the biggest pile of trailer park trash turd that I have ever seen. She is wierd as hell.

  10. veszti

    She is the biggest pile of trailer park trash turd that I have ever seen. She is wierd as hell.

  11. Sadistic_Freek

    Omg, seriously, I’ve always hated her annoying freakin’ voice, always hated her annoying face (or should I say ugly?) and always hated her acting. She’s ruined every movie I have ever seen her in (first one being Cape Fear). Her singing sucks too. If you want a good female vocalist, look no further than Otep, or Lacuna Coil. But if anybody thinks this monstrosity (who I will call gargantua) is good, then you must have down syndrome… or be tone deaf. But seriously, I love her singing… love it like I love shards of glass in my feet. A brick to face feels better than the pain my ears had to endure when listening to this stupid bitch sing. I hope she dies a sufferless death just so no one has to listen to her freakin’ voice screaming again.

  12. She looks like a banana with protruding nipples.

  13. suzy

    chiquita banana makes a great meal, there are so many vitamins and minerals in every peel…

    chiquita’s are delicious and very nutritious… eat them everyday, because they’re good for your health…

    They do a lot for you… CHIQUITA!!! They’re good for your insides!! CHA CHA CHA

  14. giantpores

    Posted by MeganHarris:
    “She looks like a banana with protruding nipples.”


  15. Nurse Kellie

    I think she is one of those people you love to hate. I can’t stand her voice or how she acts. But she is in great shape and she doesn’t really give a crap what people think of her. For that you have to love her.

  16. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    “Thank you for choosing Magic Banana for all your travel needs, please remain seated until the vehicle has come to a full and complete stop. Thank you.”

  17. Dee

    she’s ok but the outfit is a complete nightmare…

  18. Evangelia

    lol #3…i see the resemblance

    this looks like a baby onesie. yellow=unisex. just unsnap the seat and change juliette’s diaper with ease. the finishing touch would have been a duckie print.

    still, she fucked brad and she’s about 1/10000 the hotness of him. gives me hope.

  19. downshine

    im guessing 10 pounds of cocaine…

  20. bunnyhugger

    “yes, we have no ba-na-nas, we have no ba-na-nas today…”

    euww. thank god for small favors.

  21. She’sso hot and pretty too and in good shape stop hatin! She has a great band. I brought all the tickets.

  22. Is it just me, or did she look her best in Cape Fear…which is way creepy b/c she was, like 15. Okay, I just creeped myself out.

  23. Is it just me, or did she look her best in Cape Fear…which is way creepy b/c she was, like 15. Okay, I just creeped myself out.

  24. jenjen

    I know this pic, she’s the all-to-well-UNknown 6th member of Stryper. Yet another big hair band of the late 80′s trying to make a comeback. TFF

  25. Pez_D_Spencer

    40: “Anyway, her performance is total Iggy Pop-esque.”

    What? She cuts herself up onstage after doing all of the heroin from the Golden Triangle?? That might actually be interesting to see.

  26. nikki

    you can’t evaluate a photo out of its context. in context she looks fantastic.

  27. Julie_Smashing_baby

    I think she’s hot!!!

  28. christee

    just another freaky scientologist. next!

  29. The BEST review I ever saw was back when the Daily show used to do the weeks box office and here was what they SAid about Juliette’s movie that the time.

    #5, “The Other Sister” Juliette Lewis stars as a mildly retarded woman….the role she was born to play.

  30. Death Chicken

    Juliette Lewis is so hot!

  31. bunnyhugger


  32. bakismaki

    Funny, there was a time when Juliette Lewis was considered pretty good looking. That seems like a long long time ago.

    Anyway as for her band. I’ve heard a good amount of their stuff, and it just isn’t that good. She’s got a lot of good energy but the music just isn’t very good I’m sorry to say.

    If your looking for the best female frontperson these days it would have to be Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s hands down.

  33. bunnyhugger



  34. bakismaki

    Early to mid 90′s, more specifically after cape fear. Dudes where into her, in that sort of different, grungy mid 90′s sort of way. Again this was a long time ago, now.

  35. QOTD

    She looks a lot better in this banana peel, than she did with those corn rolls on her head when she went to the Academy’s w/ Mr. Spitt. Oops I mean Pitt.

  36. MustangLaura

    GO GO POWER RANGERS !!!! I have that same outfit in pink.

  37. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Yes, I was wrong it was Dawn of the Dead. Whatever. I just like it when girls ask to get their pussy eaten.

  38. Jonboy in SF

    Yep, 10 lbs. of cocaine seems right. How is it that she always plays a retard, no matter what she’s appearing in (movie or clothing-wise)?

  39. wow, she dated brad pitt..what was he thinking???

  40. hank moon

    so m$%^&in’ georgeous…

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