Juliette Lewis is…I have no idea

March 20th, 2006 // 90 Comments

Here is Juliette Lewis. If you ever wondered what would happen if David Fincher directed a Fruit of the Loom commercial, well here you go. And yet Brad Pitt used to date her. Which leads me to believe that either Juliette looked much better back then or Brad had just eaten ten pounds of cocaine.


  1. suzy

    what a bad outfit

  2. giantpores

    Bad outfit indeed, but she is still extremely hot and sexual. Her and Angelina should start a scary hot girls vampire troupe.

  3. katrina

    juliette lewis is…freddie mercury.

  4. CoJo

    Alright, Superficial! You can make fun of Britney and Jessica – Paris especially and I forgot the other bimbo – oh yeah, Lindsay but do not lump Juliette Lewis into the same category…

    Yes, it’s true, the outfit I can do without, but it’s a rock show…at least she’s young enough to wear shit like this. I’ve seen her in concert and Juliette and the Licks rock! She can make an effing burka look sexy on that stage!

    Leave that girl alone! I love her!

  5. CheekyChops

    She looks like the poster child for heroine.

  6. tits_on_snack

    She’s kinda cool. I’ve always liked her.
    But her band sucks.
    She sings like an 80′s pop star, sort of like Cyndi Lauper on crack, mixed with whoever sang the theme song for Degrassi Junior High. And it’s bad.
    Embarassing to the ears.

    I still like her though.

  7. kalla

    camel toes forever

  8. I saw her open for Joan Jett and Andrew W.K. some 3 or 4 years ago, and she had on that same outfit…

    I have to admit, she was the best female front man I’ve ever seen. She had more stage presence than King Kong and Mick Jagger combined… I’m talking about Mick Jagger before male menopause.

  9. Jerk616

    isn’t she a scientographer or whatever they are called too? personally i failed scientography in high school three times so I became religious instead.

  10. ESQ

    A bad outfit indeed. It looks like she bought it from some down on their luck used up 80′s glam rocker. Other than that I think she still looks great.

  11. snark

    She is a bad ass, I have to agree. And she looks gooood…very fit, and pretty in spite of probably sweating off her make-up.

  12. Nimuë LaMer

    Leather Tuscadero called… she wants you to stay out of her attic, Juliette…

    And I think Brad would fuck mud. It’s just that these days, he doesn’t have to.

  13. eastboundanddown

    Nobody gives a concert like Juliette Lewis. Her band sucks. She can’t really sing. But she rocks!! She leaves it all out there. And she was funny in Old School.

  14. That a great outfit…for me to POOP on! Hey Juliette, how many Romeos did it take to squeeze you into that banana suit anyway!

    It’s “peanut butter/jelly time” all over again! I can actually see the stretch on her legs and thighs!

  15. Oh thank god. For a second, I thought we were going to be hit with another unfortunate photo of a female performer wetting herself on stage, a la Fergie of BEP.

  16. bjpack

    She’s wearing Hasselhoff. It’s the new popular clothing line for rock stars.

  17. TowelHead

    That’s a great outfit – for a toddler with dominatrix tendencies.

    Still love her though.

  18. Tracy

    Imagine all the snapping and unsnapping just to go pee… not the most practical outfit. However, for a gal in her 30′s, she looks great.

  19. She’s like Courtney Love but without the drug problem. Sort of like the “I don’t give a shit” kinda girl, but without the psycho behavior that a meth addiction will cause. I hear her band sucks, and that outfit looks like the lining of Carol Brady’s purse, but whatever, she seems less annoying than Tara, Lindsey, etc…

  20. Tetsuo

    15: Someone peeing would actually have been hotter than that picture above. And pee fetishes are just fucking wrong, so that says a lot for how wrong that photo looks. And seriously, I see a nipple, but where’d the titty go?

  21. Jayne

    she seems like a weirdo spazz.
    I’ve seen her on those VH-1 Specials (I love the ___’s) and she’s a dumbass.

  22. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I like that scene in Dawn of the Dead where Billy Bob Thorton sees her on the beach and she turns to him and says, “Will you do me a favor… and eat my yellow jumpsuit right off of my body?”

  23. ah…i get it….she’s trying to woo that monkey away from natalie portman…

  24. TG

    aw c’mon superficial, yer gonna get all hung up on a butter-yellow asymmetrical snap-front jumpsuit? she looks awesome (even if, as many others say, her band ain’t so hot). she IS a ferocious frontwoman.

    jerk616 made me laugh

  25. Big Fig

    I just want to know how she’s going to take that thing off.

  26. Kelly

    Juliette Lewis is the shit.

  27. Warrior

    Juliette needs to stick to her film career, she’ll never be as good as Karen O.

  28. CriminallyElegant

    shes busted

  29. Mr. Fritz

    Hey #22 Post, I think you are confused about the movie. She was in “From Dusk Till Dawn” with George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino. She says something like the phrase you mentioned in that movie.

  30. That yellow outfit is actually a Scientologist marine uniform. Tom Cruise wore one when marrying his varied brides. Yellow is worn in honor of the pus that spilled from founder L.Ron Hubbard’s suppurating syphilis sores. The buttons unsnap to reveal thetan-free genitalia.

  31. bunnyhugger

    #19 spindoc:
    of course she’s not on drugs! she has…
    apparently one of the “front people”, celebrities that scientology likes to hold up to the common folk as examples of what YOU can BECOME! hee-hee.

    i still can’t see her as anything but “audrey” in “vacation”.

  32. A897

    omg… ewww

  33. her shit is bananas…B-A-N-A–N….ah..you the rest…

  34. playahater101

    I can only see her as Mallory in Natural Born Killers. She kicked ass in that movie. And as ugly as that outfit is, she can at least pull it off. It matches her personality and flatters her figure.

  35. Oh… as a LINK

  36. Baroness

    What’s the probablem here? She’s performing on a stage.

    She’s still smokin’ hot.

  37. fblau

    Juliette and the Licks

  38. Ms. Dilligaff

    Hasn’t she been sportin’ the spandex for a few years now? I’m surprised noone has mentioned how Madonna is trying to steal her look…which was stolen from (as someone said) F. Mercury, who stole it from…?

  39. CoJo

    “F. Mercury, who stole it from…?” David Bowie, maybe? What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Anyway, her performance is total Iggy Pop-esque.

    Love to love her!!!

  40. I didn’t even know Tom liked women

  41. bjpack

    They all stole it from Elvis who had also perfected the protruding nipple look in Spandex before anyone else.

  42. LRonHoover

    I’d HIT IT!!!

  43. Juliette Lewis says “Tom Cruise likes the cock”

  44. prideofchucky


  45. bunnyhugger

    lol-spindoc, you slay me!

    the thing looks like some bizarre punk onesie. but, what the hell, she’s young.

  46. Craig & "em"

    Juliette Lewis ROCKS!

    I’m sorry…

    I meant… Juliette Lewis “Smokes Rocks”!

  47. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    LOL someone says “I’D HIT IT” in all these sooner or later………hahahahahahahahaha

  48. mamadough

    the first time i saw her in anything, it was the “other sister” so now everytime i hear her speak i always wonder if she really is “special”. if maybe acting that way wasn’t all too natural for her.
    as far as being a frontman goes, you can give a hyper-active child crack and they will perform just a well.
    i will admit, she’s in a damn good shape.

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