Julie Bowen in a bikini

March 9th, 2010 // 169 Comments

Here’s Modern Family star Julie Bowen in Hawaii on Sunday, and this is a woman who should probably remained fully clothed. No, really, up until I saw these, I was under the impression Julie Bowen was smoking hot. Turns out her torso looks like the underbelly of a dragon if dragons came complete with a Kelly Ripa Penis Button ™.

Photos: Splash News

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  3. Yeah!

    #14 Bwahahahahahahahaha
    yeah! hahahahahahahahaha perfect comment! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Ilan Ben Menachem

    Not so sexy and cool .

  5. she need to workout

  6. john

    Shes pregnant you assholes

  7. Hey, she’s got a Kelly Ripa pen–!…..Oh, fuck it.

  8. BREeZY(*SWaGgARiFfIc*)

    shes still hot…she just had a kid…i would bang her regardless!! she just looks so good!! her and Sofia Vergara…THE BOTH OF THEM!!

  9. lila

    For a not-so-young woman who just had twins, I’d say she looks fantastic.

  10. Jay

    Ugh, GAIN some weight, Please! She CANNOT think she looks good this skinny, c’mon. If you didn’t see her face, the body looks like an 80 year old woman’s! Her poor husband looking at that naked. I am shocked, what an ugly, un-sexy, aneorexic body she has. Keep your clothes ON or gain at least 20 lbs.

  11. Gayla

    This is a woman who is using her body for what it’s made for, instead of enshrining it in some adolescent fantasy of perfection. You people suck.

  12. Alex

    Wow, this is the biggest asshole post I’ve ever seen. The women had a baby, and yes, that’s what a woman’s belly looks like after a baby, that’s what all your wives or gfs will look like after they have a baby. Hollywood typically photoshops it differently, but this is reality. Actually, you’ll all be lucky if your wives or gfs look that freaking good after a baby. Pathetic how critical you all are.

  13. Ralph

    Thought she was definitely hot when she was on Ed. Then heard she was screwing David Spade…wanted to barf. Now, she looks like they’d be a matched pair. At least her mamms have grown. Of course, once she stops feeding the twins, they’ll probably disappear all together. Damned shame. But, hey, she’s fulfilling every woman’s destiny, creating the next generation.

  14. Doc Rock

    It’s funny to read all the condescending posts here. wonder what we’d all think if all the posters here had to post THEIR own TRUE pics before being allowed to post here. That would probably be “scarier” than her pics.

  15. jackie

    Really people? Why are you So obssessed about what people look like? Why can’t she just live her life and have fun? Yes, having babies does tend to change your body but if you have kids you would know that it is worth it. That being said, I did just watch her on the season finale on “modern family” and I couldn’t believe how skinny her legs were. Her size 0 jeans were hanging off her. She definitely has weight issues and that is pretty scary especially when you have children to take care of. I hope she gets it together.

  16. carolina

    she’s little too on the skinny side but she did have twins and is 40. I think she looks pretty darn good. Bad camera angles.

  17. carolina

    she’s little too on the skinny side but she did have twins and is 40. I think she looks pretty darn good. Bad camera angles.

  18. I’d hit it!

  19. milan

    wtf! is that a washed up corps on the beach?

  20. djboston

    She looks fabulous!!!!

  21. CARL


  22. ryans dad

    What you are looking at is a combination of child birth and distance running. She has said that she is an avid runner. When you don’t eat properly (none of us do) and run long distances, your body will metabolize fat and muscle, which is why she looks malnourished. Go look at pictures of aging distance runners and note that they tend to have the same type of bodies. If she were to cross train (i.e. sprinting, free weights, and long distance) her body would probably look closer to how she looked in that glorious Happy Gilmore scene. Just sayin.

  23. anne stone

    she just hd twins, for god’s sake; even julia roberts could’t have passed the test at that point.

  24. wtf

    who cares? i just came here to find out if she had plastic surgery…and honestly she is hotter than any of u can even dream of becoming. get over your egoistical asses, she would rather hump a dog than any of you douches.

  25. Michael
    Commented on this photo:

    I think she looks pretty darned good for 40 years old!

  26. Capt

    She’s CLEARLY anorexic … sad, my fantasies of her in Happy Gilmore seem so far away now dammit.

  27. Charlotte
    Commented on this photo:

    You are such a jerk to say these nasty things about Julie Bowen. She has had 3 children in recent years, 2 of whom were twins! Bearing children, especially twins, is incredibly taxing on a woman’s body. Nevertheless, Julie Bowen looks fit and trim. These photos were not taken very long after the birth of her twins and it’s truly amazing that her figure is this fit so soon afterwards. She looks like she’s enjoying her life and has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. YOU, however, should be ashamed of YOURSELF for objectifying and demeaning women’s bodies. You should especially be ashamed of demeaning CHILDBEARING women’s bodies! How Mean!!!

    • Briitany

      I agree with Charlotte. I have 2 daughters, 4 and 1 month and her body is rocking compared to mine! She is older and has 3 kids, kudos to her for getting back into a swimming suit! I didnt even wear one on my honeymoon (after having baby #1) and I was back to my pre baby weight… but not pre baby figure!!

  28. Kevin
    Commented on this photo:

    Her body looks like Willem Dafoe.

  29. Please get healthy, Julie!

    Julie Bowen shows multiple signs of having an eating disorder; over-exercising and being severely underweight is risky. Julie, getting to a healthy weight would protect you – and your children! Anorexics/bulimics are at risk for many health problems – some deadly (two of many examples: heart attack due to malnourished heart tissue; organ failure).
    Often eating disorders develop or resurface after women have children.
    It’s troubling that once women get older, people don’t question whether or not women might have an eating disorder; people of all ages are affected by eating disorders; it’s not just a “teenage” disease.
    I hope Julie gets help – for her, her family – and the younger girls on Modern Family let alone women and girls around the US/world watching the show! Julie’s ‘daughters’ on the show, being teens, being actresses, are especially vulnerable to developing distorted body images and eating disorders. Even within the span of the show, the older of the daughters appears to have lost weight.
    Julie, please don’t let the disease spread!
    -A concerned reader, Modern Family fan, and anorexia/bulimia survivor

  30. Mark

    She is crazy hot. Always has been, always will be.

  31. walt

    ill fuck her muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  32. Ree Kavok
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s got 3 kids and just gave birth to twins – cut her some slack. Many women are sexier with their clothes on, and Julie’s still smokin’ hot in my book.

  33. Sam

    Wow. All of you talking about her stomach making her disgusting are idiots. Try having twins and see what happens.

  34. amanda
    Commented on this photo:

    You lost a fan – how rude of you to say those comments about her body.

  35. steven

    your fucking nuts she’s smoking hot in the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Commented on this photo:

    She is hot. And you’re a complete dick.

  37. Andrew

    she looks fine. grow up.

  38. lauren
    Commented on this photo:

    You’re such a bitch! She just had twins for chrissake!!

  39. George
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d still bone her, tbh.

  40. Lop
    Commented on this photo:

    Fuck it I’d still bang her. Hard.

  41. Mi
    Commented on this photo:

    what a ugly bitch

  42. Dan

    Wow she has fallen apart since Weeds…

  43. Commented on this photo:

    She looks beautiful.

  44. Katdawg
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks anorexic! Weight loss gone too far!!

  45. Live life as if you were an exclamation point, not a question mark!

    I am so happy I now know what happens to school bullies when they grow up. All I see here are petty & negative comments on Julie’s looks, clothes, body, etc. (aka verbal bullying). Do you all feel better now after verbally knocking her down? SMH.

    Bad behavior all around here people. Is this how you are raising your kids?

    The good news is that after leaving this comment I will immediately return to my happy and fulfilling life where I respect others and know how to recognize another persons true value.

    Good luck on your petty life journey.

  46. Nina
    Commented on this photo:

    This is disgusting. Not Julie Bowen, who is just trying to enjoy herself at the beach, but this, the aptly-named “The Superficial”. She looks fine, not that it is any concern of yours or mine. She is allowed to go the beach just like anyone else. And the next time you comment on someone’s appearance, why not consider the relevant factor (like the fact the Bowen has has 3 children).

  47. Bobbie
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