Julianne Hough and Taylor Hoechlin Doing Old Fashioned Bikini Things

According to IMDB, these are photos from the set of Bigger, a movie about the Weider brothers’ and the popularization of bodybuilding. I will probably not see this movie unless the trailers are jam packed with people shoving steroids into their penises and blowing out their colons while doing squats. Anything other than that would be historically inaccurate. Bodybuilders back then had the life expectancy of a golden retriever with all the shit they were putting in their bodies. In the mean time, I will happily settle for these on-set snaps of Julianne Hough channeling your grandmother in an old fashioned bathing suit.


It was a slow day in news and nobody got busted for sexual harassment, so someone took the opportunity to let us know Blac Chyna still exists. [Celebuzz!]

LiAngelo Ball was forced to read out loud thank President Trump for getting him out of China. [TMZ]

I guess Eminem had sex with a consenting 15-year-old in Sweden a while back (in his defense she had a fake ID). [TheBlemish]

After her attempt at “breaking the internet,” Nicki Minaj went to visit her child-raping brother in prison. [PageSix]

D.L. Hughley reveals he had an illegitimate child that was murdered. [HHMW]

Justice League reviews are in! LOLOLOLOL. [HollywoodReporter]

Emily Sears has a rockin’ bottom. [TMZ]

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