Julian McMahon loves him some tiny shorts

January 6th, 2009 // 121 Comments

Seen here continuing his Australian vacation with girlfriend Kelly Paniagua, Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon wishes you all “Peace, Love and Thanks for looking at my package. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to stoically display it in random people’s faces. Hello there, lifeguard, got a minute?”

Photos: Flynet

  1. Me

    You all suck.

  2. glace neuf

    i’d hit his lady friend – ho fo sho!

  3. jokadrma

    Yes, yes we do.

  4. Hot

    Nice ass, lady

  5. Hot

    Nice ass, lady

  6. Sue

    He must have been exhausted after a full day of trying to suck in his gut. And somebody should have told him that it’s not a triumph to fit into shorts that tiny – in the front.

  7. mikey boy

    Not my type. She looks like a linebacker with those broad shoulders and narrow hips. She’s also lacking in the @ss compartment. She’s just all breast implants.

  8. p0nk

    climbing his way up the douchebag ladder…

  9. Mugato

    Goddamn, Sue.

    You sound like a real cunt.

  10. Yeah Baby

    she needs to trim down that wide waist

  11. mandy


  12. pure.ticking

    She has got very strange glasses! yuk!

  13. CaptainMorgan

    It seems that he’s a “biggie small.” Big dink, with a small penis.

  14. Jesse

    He has standard-issue tiny whiteboy junk.

  15. Ted Mosby

    I’d hit that like LT hitting a hole in the Steelers defense.

  16. fyou

    her shoulders ARE NOT wide
    she is just not very attractive
    and for the record, since we are picking ONLY on the woman’s looks-
    neither is he!

  17. Wow look at that scale busting lady doing some tricks for julian in pic #7

  18. Erica

    Fat, conceited, thinning hair, small penis. Typical white guy.

  19. Harry

    He’s making Magnum P.I. proud.

  20. puke

    They are both made for each other, two fuggly people who think they are hot lol.
    btw, she is just built weird.

  21. NipTuck

    those glasses…what the fuck…


    Hey #6 check the guy who you chose to spend your life with… how much is going on there, huh??? 75% guys out there have dick 3″ and smaller.

  23. jeremiah

    I am going to bet 100,000 that every last one of you are not 1/5 as attractive or talented.

    I am willing to bet that you are all a bunch of queer ass fags

  24. jeremiah suck too

    I agree with you #23… and you are their leader.

  25. NY Ted

    Ted Mosby – January 6, 2009 4:21 PM
    I’d hit that like LT hitting a hole in the Steelers defense.

    Ted…you mean you’d hit that bikini babe like James Harrison hitting LT so hard his jersey numbers are going to fly off this weekend…never mind his head!

    OXYMORON – There is NO SUCH thing as a “hole” in the Steelers defense!

  26. Sue

    #22 – keep telling yourself that, TinyDick, if it makes you feel better. Of course, what you wrote is also the punchline to the joke “why do girls get math questions wrong?”

  27. pete

    Like LT hitting a hole in the Steelers defense??? You mean, like Miss LaDainian taking herself out of crucial games because she has a really bad owie?

  28. Barack Obama

    If I cut off about 4 inches, I could fit into those shorts. Not really the kind of racial equality black folks are looking for.

  29. silk glove

    He’s FUG & FAT.

  30. i says lolz.

    Are those really large outer labial folds or is that his microscopic peepee?

  31. The Laughing G-D

    Caption for pic 7:

    McMahon: Birthing a baby mam? Don’t worry, I play a doctor on TV!

  32. Ted Mosby

    I keed. I’m a Titans fan and I know the Steelers will be a tough one to beat.

  33. Beth

    Time to call Dr. McNamara for penis enlargement surgery. And lots of liposuction. And some finishing touches on the gender reassignment for Julian’s “girlfriend.”

  34. This Poster

    Anyone posting after This Poster sucks on Julian McMahon’s gay penis

  35. ...while sucking on Julian's gay penis...

    It’s nice of him to indicate how big his penis is to the photographer.

  36. nipolian

    The only hole LT will be hitting the rest of this season is the one between his boyfreind’s buttox……….he’s out with a groin injury……as usual.

  37. jojo

    It’s Dr.Troy – gotta love him!!!!!!! Nip/Tuck addict…

  38. Patty

    His ass looks tighter than his girlfriends! lol!

  39. Never heard of either of these losers.

    Regardless, gotta lose that shorts!

  40. George Bush

    Actually, his penis is big – almost Texas-size big – for a white man.

  41. *gladly sucks on Julian’s penis*, that’s all folks!!

  42. Dixie

    This man has a great body and he belongs in small tight shorts. He has a nice tight ass and great package too!

    Major Thanks!

  43. Dixie's eye doctor

    Sweetie, I told you it’s long past time to fix those glasses.

  44. Deacon Jones

    Nice titties. Barack should pass a federal law requiring all women to get breast implants at 16, er 18 years old.

    Eagles will destroy NY this weekend by at least 10

  45. squiggle

    Good for him! It’s ridiculous that it’s become fashionable for men to wear more at the beach than a Victorian matron.




  47. lori

    He has a small penis and ugly legs. They are both grotesque looking. I find them repulsive. Why is he holding up a peace sign with his tiny hand? That looks stupid.

  48. havoc

    I see International Male is still selling swimsuits….



  49. SATAN

    i’d have a swordfight with her puss and obviously i’d win


  50. FrostyNipplz

    That’s either super cold water or dude’s got a toothpick for a dick.

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