Julia Stiles is bitter

Bitter_Julia.jpgJulia Stiles refuses to read daily newspapers because she finds their entertainment gossip trivial.

The 10 Things I Hate About You actress prefers not to know what journalists are writing about her private life and is astonished people can become so obsessed with celebrity gossip.

Really, Jules? Is that really it? Because I’m pretty sure you’re just upset that you’re never actually in the news. Maybe it’s because you’re as interesting as a bag of leeches (which really isn’t as interesting as it sounds), or maybe it’s because journalists have to identify you as the girl who starred in 10 Things I Hate About You before anyone knows who you are. And even then, they usually think of that other girl instead. You know the one? Looks like you, chubby in the face? She was in Save the Last Dance. Oh, that was you? Then I must be thinking of Mona Lisa Smile. No? Still you? Okay, it doesn’t matter. My point is: you’ll become more famous if you stop being so self righteous and keep doing great work like you did in Traffic. Oh, that was the other girl? Oh. Yeah, you’ve got nothing on her.